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Welcome to the future of sleep with DR-HO’S revolutionary Adjustable Pillow! Crafted for back and side sleepers, this pillow is a game-changer in sleep technology. Our proprietary Hybrid Air Core Foam, ensures unparalleled comfort and durability by seamlessly conforming to the unique shape of your head and the ability to bounce back quickly similar to latex foam pillows without going flat over time. It also includes our game changing adjustable cushions that you can use to easily customize your comfort. There are two side cushions and one neck roll cushion that will provide the ultimate comfort. Need the loft of your pillow to be higher or lower? Or your pillow to be firmer or softer? With DR-HO’S Adjustable Pillow you can customize the pillow for how you sleep.

Transform your sleep, elevate your comfort, and experience the innovation of DR-HO’S Adjustable Pillow. Unbox a new era of restful nights!

$209.99 USD

100-Day Money Back Guarantee

Drug-free, non-invasive pain relief

35 years experience helping patients

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Size: King (31.3 × 15.8 × 4.5 in)

Perfect for

Side sleepers

Back sleepers

Neck pain and strains

Support of neck and back

People with neck and back pain

Cooler sleep

Breathability and moisture wicking


Key Features

1. Adjustable Side Cushions

Perfect for side sleepers the side cushions allow you to customize the pillow for a firmer or softer feel.

2. Adjustable Neck Roll

Perfect for back sleepers the neck roll allows you to customize the support for your neck whether you prefer a firmer or softer feel.

3. Hybrid Air Core Foam

Our Hybrid Air Core Foam is a proprietary blend of memory foam which allows the pillow to effortlessly contour to your head and provide overall comfortable support.

4. Cool Vents

Throughout the top of the pillow are numerous Cool Vents that allow for better air flow throughout the pillow while you sleep helping to improve breathability and moisture wicking.

5. High-Efficiency Hand Pumps

The high-efficiency hand pumps are soft and easy to use and allow for fewer pumps to inflate the the adjustable cushions to your desired comfort level.

Doctor Developed
Created by Dr. Ho, a Chiropractic and Acupuncture specialist with 35+ years of experience.
Endorsed by American Chiropractic Association
It has received recognition and support from reputable professionals in the field of chiropractic care.
100 Day Satisfaction Guarantee
Shop with confidence and Peace of Mind.

Regain Control of Your Sleep

1 Built-in Adjustable Side Cushions
Use the soft high-efficiency hand pump to quickly inflate or deflate the adjustable side cushions for more support or a softer feel. Once you’ve found your desired comfort level simply press on the Air Lock Clip and tuck the hand pump into the side pocket.
2 Built-in Adjustable Neck Roll
Use the soft high-efficiency hand pump to find the best level of support for your neck. Once you’ve found your desired comfort level simply press on the Air Lock Clip and tuck the hand pump into the side pocket.
3 Cool Vents
The cool vents placed throughout the foam help to keep the pillow from getting warm as well as improve breathability and moisture wicking.
4 Ergonomic Design
Our Hybrid Air Core Foam seamlessly contours to the shape of your head and neck allowing you to personalize your sleep experience. The higher loft of the pillow helps to prevent neck and shoulder pain by aligning your spine while sleeping on your back or side.


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What are the materials in the pillow

The pillow and it's various parts consist of the following materials. King and Queen Pillows contain: - Polyurethane - TPU - Silica gel - PVC - ABS Plastic - Polyester Fiber King Plus, Travel, and Children's Pillows contain: - Polyurethane - TPU - Silica gel - Latex (hand pump only) - ABS Plastic - Polyester Fiber

Do I need to adjust the cushions every night?

With DR-HO'S Adjustable Pillow you don't have to worry about adjusting the cushions every night. Just find your comfortable setting and press in the Air Lock Clip to keep the cushions at your desired level.

Do the hand pumps get in the way while sleeping?

Definitely not. The two hand pumps located at the left and right side of the pillow can be conveniently tucked into the pockets at the side of the pillow case so you don't even notice them.

Can I use my own pillow case?

Yes, you can definitely put your own pillow case over the Adjustable Pillow.

How do I deflate the cushions?

Located above each hand pump is a button that you can simply press down on to deflate the cushions of the pillow. Before you do so make sure the Air Lock Clip has been released.

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