DR-HO'S MotionCiser

Designed to relieve muscle soreness, foot pain, and ankle discomfort, DR-HO’S MotionCiser employs mild vibrations, offering an array of 10 distinct speed levels to customize your therapy. Higher intensity levels engage and exercise your legs more actively, providing relief from pain and discomfort. Moreover, with the added heating element, the MotionCiser can effectively alleviate and massage leg muscles after an intense workout. 

Essential Package


  • Soothing foot massage
  • Passive motion exercise
  • Gentle vibration to relax legs
  • Improve joint flexibility

$259.99 USD

90-Day Money Back Guarantee

Drug-free, non-invasive pain relief

35 years experience helping patients

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Perfect for

Immobilization due to injury or rehabilitation

Limited mobility

Cold feet

Leg and muscle soreness

Stiffness from prolonged standing

Post-exercise muscle recovery

Soothing leg discomfort and tension


Key Features

1. Customizable Intensity

Tailor your experience by selecting from 10 vibration speed levels to suit your comfort and goals.

2. Therapeutic Heating

Address cold feet and soothe muscles with 5 temperature settings that generate warmth while vibrations massage your legs.

3. Enhanced Mobility

Counteract the effects of limited mobility or extended standing by utilizing vibrations that target calves, knees, and feet, reducing stiffness.

4. Post-Workout Relief

After an intense workout, let the added heating element provide a soothing massage, easing tension in your leg muscles.

5. Convenient Remote Control

Seamlessly manage your experience with the included user-friendly remote control for effortless adjustments.

FDA-Cleared Medical Device
It meets the FDA's stringent standards for safe use, performance, and effectiveness.
Health Canada Authorized Medical Device
It has undergone a rigorous evaluation and approval process by Health Canada for home use.
Doctor Developed
Created by Dr. Ho, a Chiropractic and Acupuncture specialist with 35+ years of experience.
90 Day Satisfaction Guarantee
Not completely satisfied after 90 days? You have the option to seek a refund or replacement.

1 Walking Simulator
At lower speeds, the Motionciser simulates the benefits of a slow walk.
2 Vibration Therapy
At higher speeds, the Motionciser becomes a high frequency soothing massager for your legs and feet.
3 Heat Therapy
With the soothing heated foot pads, the Motionciser will warm your toes and bottom of your feet.
4 Passive Motion Joint Therapy
The gentle oscillating movements help lubricate and loosen the joints in your knees, ankles, and feet.


If you feel like we haven't answered your question here, please feel free to call us at 1-877-374-6669.

Is the MotionCiser suitable for seniors or individuals with limited mobility?

The MotionCiser is a perfect fit for seniors and those with limited mobility. Its gentle approach ensures safety and effectiveness. However, it's a good idea to chat with a healthcare professional before incorporating any new exercise into your routine.

How often is it recommended to use the MotionCiser?

To get the best results, aim for 15-20 minutes of MotionCiser use three to five times a week. Adjust the frequency based on your comfort level and fitness goals. Pay attention to how your body responds and make changes accordingly.

Can I use the MotionCiser with a stand-up desk?

Of Course. The MotionCiser's compact design and smooth movement make it a fantastic match for your standing desk setup. It's a great way to stay active while you work, enhancing blood circulation and decreasing the risk of issues related to sitting too much.

How does the MotionCiser's vibration intensity levels work?

DR-HO’s MotionCiser offers 10 different vibration speed levels to suit your preference. By selecting a higher intensity level, you engage your legs more actively. The vibrations travel from your feet to your calves and knees, aiding in reducing stiffness and providing the relief you seek.

How do I pick the right vibration level on the MotionCiser?

DR-HO’s MotionCiser offers 10 different speed levels, so you can choose what feels best for you. If you go for higher intensity, your legs get a bit of a workout. These vibrations travel from your feet to your calves and knees, helping to fight stiffness and make you feel better.

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