"Dear DR-HO" - Letters From Our Customers

December 16, 2022



When we started this company, we made it our goal to better people’s lives through pain relief. This is why there’s nothing that warms our hearts more than when a customer shares the impact our products have had on their day-to-day life.



Over the years, we’ve received a lot of personalized hand-written letters from our customers. We have saved every one of these letters and hung them on our wall in the DR-HO’S office. Until now, we’ve kept these letters to ourselves… but we thought it was time to share them with you.



We call it our Wall of Letters



Wall of framed letters written by satisfied customers

Each letter contains a story about how our products have impacted someone’s life. On this wall are stories from retired firefighters, single parents, athletes, elderly workers, sufferers of arthritis or chronic pain, and many more. These stories encourage us to continue reaching out to find people suffering with pain who will benefit from what we have to offer.


This wall acts as a source of hope and inspiration for our team, so much more than a 5-star review ever could. It’s a reminder that our work in developing these products truly does help people. We want to share these stories with you because maybe, just maybe, we can help you too.



Stories from our customers



Letter #367 from B. Jordan



Letter #38 from I. Zaiger


Satisfied customer shares handwritten letter


Letter #105 from A. Ludwig


DR-HO'S customer letter describing their positive experience with product


Letter #71 from E. Baker


Customer letter about how they found pain relief with DR-HO'S


Letter #189 from Anonymous


Customer success story


Letter #340 from Anonymous


Customer with arthritis shares how DR-HO'S product helped


We hope these testimonials have touched you as they have us. It’s stories and customers like these that make everything we do worth it. Our customers’ needs are at the heart of everything we do here at DR-HO’S and there’s truly nothing that brings us more joy than when we hear back from them.

Have you purchased or been gifted a DR-HO’S device? Do you have a story you’d like to share? Please feel free to send us a letter or email using the contact information on our website.