3 Father’s Day Gift Ideas That Dad Will Actually Use

3 Father’s Day Gift Ideas That Dad Will Actually Use

May 28, 2022



This Isn't Your Typical Gift Guide

We’ve all been here before. In the weeks and days leading up to Father’s Day, we type “Father’s day gift ideas” into our search engines. We click through the top results to browse through lists recommending mugs with loving quotes or stylish barbeque tools. Uninspired, we keep looking, growing increasingly stressed about our limited options. Because it can be a real struggle to find a Father’s Day gift idea that 1) he doesn’t already have and 2) that he will actually use and appreciate.

So here’s an idea you probably haven’t come across yet: the gift of pain relief. Now think about it, how often do you:

  • Hear Dad griping about his aches and pains?
  • See Dad rubbing his feet, shoulders, or back in agitation?
  • And most importantly, what activities don’t you see Dad do anymore?


    It’s an emotional experience to watch a loved one live with pain. Especially if it's an aging parent or spouse. It’s hard to see them struggle with activities that once came easy to them such as heavy lifting, walking, or sleeping. Be the one to help Dad ease his pain this Father’s Day! Find a unique and useful pain therapy device in the list below.

    Dad in pain

    Give Dad The Gift of Pain Relief

    1. For the Hardworking Dad with Back Pain = The Triple Action Back Belt

    The Triple Action Back Belt is a wearable pain therapy device that provides targeted relief to the lower back + core support.


    Who Is It For:

    ✔️The Dad who works physically hard at his job. He has to bend down a lot and gets pain in his lower back.
    ✔️The Dad who sits for long periods driving. It’s uncomfortable and doesn’t support his lumbar spine.
    ✔️The Dad who loves to garden. From lifting heavy bags of soil to bending down, it’s all just getting harder.


    Why Does He Need It:

    ✔️He can wear it around his waist while on the job.
    ✔️Delivers pain relief + provides core support + provides comfort to the curved part of the back.
    ✔️Targets pain when it's happening + makes the back more comfortable, making the pain less likely for to return.


    gift for hardworking dad

    Shop the Triple Action Back Belt here.



    2. For the Office Dad with Neck & Shoulder Pain = The Neck Pain Pro

    The Neck Pain Pro may look like a comfy neck pillow, but it’s also so much more.

    Who Is It For:

    ✔️The Dad who works at a computer all day.
    ✔️The Dad who loves to text and suffers from tech neck.
    ✔️The Dad who frequently travels and could use an upgraded neck pillow.

    Why Does He Need It:

    ✔️He can wear it at the office, at home, or on the plane.
    ✔️It feels like “a soothing massage, tickle, or tingle” (according to most customers).
    ✔️It’s not just a standard neck massager. Instead it has powerful pain therapy technologies inside that target the nerves and muscles causing his pain.


    gift for the office dad

    Shop the Neck Pain Pro here.



    3. For the Dad on His Feet All Day = The Circulation Promoter

    The Circulation Promoter is the perfect pain therapy device for foot and leg pain.

    Who Is It For:

    ✔️The Dad who works in a job where he’s standing on his feet all day.
    ✔️The Dad who gets sore and achy feet from active hobbies.
    ✔️The Dad who suffers from poor circulation in his lower limbs.

    Why Does He Need It:

    ✔️A soothing foot massage is the ultimate way to relax at the end of a long day.
    ✔️It sends stimulations through the bottom of the feet and into the legs.
    ✔️It gets the blood flowing in the lower limbs, improving and facilitating muscle performance.


    gift for the dad on his feet all day

    Shop the Circulation Promoter here.

    All 3 Of These Pain Therapy Devices:
    • Are completely drug-free, so he can use it multiple times a day.
    • Use gentle pulse therapy to target the nerves and muscles.
    • Are trusted by and used by many chiropractors and physical therapists.
    • Have an easy to use interface for non tech-savvy older parents.
    • Come with additional body pads that can be used anywhere else on the body.
    • Come with a 90 day money back guarantee home trial.

    Join Millions of Others Changing the Way They Manage Their Pain

    At the surface, we might think that living with pain is just having to put up with the negative sensation of pain. But it’s so much more than that. It’s the impact on everyday life and overall quality of life. For Dad, it’s about his ability to swing the golf club with ease or feeling confident to book a far away vacation.


    Give Dad a gift that can make a true difference in his life this Father’s Day!


    Jamie from New York did. Here’s what she had to say about it:  

    pain relief father's day gift

    Shop All Father’s Day Gifts Here

    "For years now my Dad has struggled with arthritis related pain in his feet and legs. Sometimes it's so bad that he has a hard time walking. It breaks my heart to see my Dad so burdened with the activities he was once so at ease doing. It's especially tough for him to keep up with his favorite activities of fishing, working on his yard or on his cars, and playing with his grandkids- all of which have become limited by his pain. Last year, I decided to gift him the Circulation Promoter by DR-HO’S to help him relieve some pain and take back control over his life. Now, A YEAR LATER, he still loves it and is using it daily!! The device is entirely drug-free. It uses gentle pulse therapy to stimulate the nerves and muscles in the bottom of the feet. His exact words when using it are that he feels "electricity running through my body." And it feels relaxing and comforting once he's all done.

    Overall, it's really helped him find relief from the arthritis pain in his feet and ankles. If you're looking for a Father's Day gift, I'd strongly suggest you check out DR-HO'S. They're changing the way people manage pain with effective, convenient, and drug-free devices. The Circulation Promoter is great for lower limb pain, but they also have options for shoulder pain and back pain!”