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Drug Free Pain Relief Solution

DR-HO'S products are an entirely drug free solution to help manage your pain. They do not require any over the counter or prescription drug supplements in order to be effective. All DR-HO'S products are completely natural solutions.

Scientifically Proven

DR-HO'S products are scientifically proven to relieve pain, reduce muscle tension and spasms, increase tissue oxygenation and improve circulation. The Pain Therapy System was part of a scientific study conducted by Dr. Stuart M. McGill, Ph.D and commissioned by Dr. Michael Ho. To learn more click here.

Risk Free

Over one million Pain Therapy Systems have been sold worldwide. We want you to experience the benefits that it has to offer, without the risk. If you are not satisfied, simply return it within 90 days and we'll give you your money back less S&H.

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I was a swimmer. I was a golfer. I played football. I played basketball. I jumped out of airplanes when I was in the military. But as a result, I had some wear and tear. Now, when I'd have some pain and I have some stiffness in my body, I use DR-HO'S system. I have tried a number of other TENS units. I find DR-HO'S much more powerful. It is also painless. It relieves the pain. It gives me relaxed muscles. It gives me reduced stress, and I can just sleep through the night and wake up like a new man. It's given me my life back, and it's given me the life that I like. I want to be active. I have 10 grandchildren and I want to play with them and I want to enjoy the life that I have with them. And I can do that with the Pain Therapy System
It doesn't matter where the injury is, it helps with circulation that causes the inflammation, that gets the person back up to speed. It is very safe. The circulation promoter will provide oxygenation to the tissue and wake the nerve up. I've pretty much seen it all. A lot of back pains, a lot of knee pains, calf injuries, foot injuries, bad circulation in the legs, swelling around the ankles, and so I recommend the circulation promoter now to help all of these conditions. I would prescribe the use of this device for patients that sit in traffic all day, that spend a long time sitting in their car behind the wheel, or long haul truck drivers. The kind of foot problems that the circulation promoter can really help with are conditions with inflammation, people who have nerve problems, also just general aches and pains. You can treat conditions like arthritis, bunions. Better circulation means healthier tissue, decreased pain, decreased inflammation.
I’ve had lower back pain, and along with my lower back pain I had problems with my legs. And both my back pain and the pain in my legs has gone away after wearing this belt. I’m very surprised in half an hour wearing the belt it relieved the back pain, it’s got rid of it and relieved the tingling sensation in my legs.
It feels good. It feels really good. I feel like I'm getting a proper arch in my back. It feels more straight. I don't feel like I'm slouched over, no discomfort. Definitely your mind's got to be in the game. And if my back's all slouched and hurting, I'm going to be more focused on that than I am on my cards. And usually poker games go on for a long time. So after a while I definitely start to slouch over. This gives me the constant reminder, keep your back straight. So I don't have pain after I'm finished. The Perfectback Rest really helps me with my game, because it keeps me upright. And it keeps me focused on my cards and what I'm doing.

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