Travel Plans? You Need This Portable Pain Relief Device!

Travel Plans? You Need This Portable Pain Relief Device!

June 16, 2022


If you suffer from chronic pain, there’s a lot to worry about when planning a trip:

But a vacation shouldn’t your same everyday pain, just in a new location. If you’re planning to travel, take a break from more than your everyday activities; take a break from your everyday pain too! Read on to see how. 


Planning, Packing, and Pre-trip Preparations


A first step, research where you’re staying. What  amenities you will have access to? How much overall exercise you’ll be undertaking on an average day? Having a good understanding of the details of your trip and accommodations will relieve stress and allow you to pack everything you’ll need in order to prevent or prepare for any pain flare-ups. When packing, comfort is your best friend. Pack items that will help you maintain your routine and relieve pain. Our bodies often get used to a routine, and obstructing that routine is often when injuries and pain can occur.

Your packing list should include:

 Pain relief should always be easy to access if a flare-up happens while you’re sightseeing or sitting poolside.  


Preparing for Pains, Trains, and Automobiles: Transit and Travel Tips


Even before you get to your destination, pain can be an unwanted companion. It seems like every year, airline seats become smaller and less comfortable. Sitting for long periods isn’t great for your neck and shoulders at the best of times, but airline and train seats almost feel designed to cause aches and pains. Here are some quick tips to help navigate your travel days:

  1. Buy airline and train tickets early so you can choose your seat and aim for as much leg room as possible.
  2. Check large bags. While it’s cost-effective to use a carry-on, the less baggage you have to handle on the plane, the easier it is to avoid straining your neck and back.
  3. Get plenty of sleep before travel days. Lack of sleep is a significant contributor to chronic pain flare-ups.
  4. Don’t settle for cheap, duty-free travel neck pillows. The Neck Pain Pro is the ultimate travel upgrade, featuring a contoured ergonomic design and DR-HO’s best-selling Pain Therapy System. You might not end up in first class, but your neck and shoulders will. Instead of a long flight or car ride causing neck pain, use that travel to relieve pain!


  Managing Pain at Your Vacation Destination

You made it! Time to soak up the sun, maybe pitch the tent, take in the sights or simply kick back and relax.

But despite the excitement of being on vacation, you might still be worried about your pain getting in the way. It's understandable, especially when you consider the average tourist can end up walking between 6-8 miles (10-12 km) during a day of sightseeing. For most of us, that’s a significant increase in activity. So remember to take things slow and listen to your body’s needs.

Keep your pain in control if you don’t want it to slow down your adventures. Take frequent breaks if you’re doing a lot of walking, drinking plenty of water, and planning your excursions to match your level of ability.

The Neck Pain Pro can take you from cautious to confident because our body pads, remote control, and travel case are discreet enough to fit into any purse or daypack! The body pads can even be worn under your clothes to get instant relief from your pain anywhere you go.  

Why Packing the Neck Pain Pro is Priceless

Recovery is an important part of any exertion, even the relaxing holiday kind. The Neck Pain Pro works hard to manage your everyday aches and pains and is versatile enough to target your pain wherever it pops up. Three main technologies work together in the device to target your pain with powerful stimulations:  
  1. TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation) conducts gentle electrical pulses which stimulate the nerves that may be causing your pain to help you find relief.
  2. EMS (Electrical Nerve Stimulation) targets healthy muscles, causing them to contract and relax to improve and facilitate muscle performance.
  3. NMES (Neuromuscular Electrical Stimulation) helps increase circulation and range of motion.

Plus, our proprietary AMP (Auto Modulating Pulse) technology provides over 300 different pulse patterns. These stimulations are programmed to change automatically, so the pulses are different with each use.

Customize the stimulation with three different modes: change the modes on the machine to select from a soothing variety of kneading, chopping, and rubbing sensations that feel like a hands-on massage. Altogether TENS, EMS, NMES, and AMP make for an experience that’s just as effective as it is enjoyable.

Learn more about how the Neck Pain Pro can help you travel confidently and experience all your vacation destination has to offer without fear of your pain slowing you down!
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