Neck Comforter - Deluxe Package

This doctor-developed device is dedicated to soothing and stretching the muscles in your shoulders and neck. Its plush velvet material cradles your neck in comfort as you inflate it to your desired level using the efficient hand pump. Not only does the Neck Comforter alleviate nagging headaches, but it also offers respite from stubborn muscle tension, promotes improved circulation, widens your range of motion, and provides lasting solace for neck pain. 

Deluxe Package


  • Neck Comforter
  • Spinal Secrets DVD
  • DR-HO'S Pain Therapy System 4 Pad Package

Package Value $240.96 - Savings $209.99


$209.99 CAD

100-Day Money Back Guarantee

Drug-free, non-invasive pain relief

35 years experience helping patients

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Neck Comforter - Ultimate Package
  • Everything in the Deluxe Package+
  • DR-HO'S Pain Therapy Back Relief Belt
  • Pain Therapy Back Relief Replacement Pads & more!
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Perfect for

✔ Chronic or acute back pain

✔ Headaches caused by neck tension

✔ Neck and shoulder tension, stiffness, or pain

✔ Sleep disturbances caused by back pain

✔ Sore back due to extended periods of sitting, driving, or lifting

✔ Poor posture from aging, injuries or lifestyle habits

✔ Fibromyalgia-related pain

Key Features

1. Effectively Tractions the Neck

It gently stretches the muscles in your neck, providing a sense of relaxation and easing any built-up tension you might be feeling.

2. Easy Adjustable Velcro® Straps

With these handy straps that you can easily change, you can make sure the device fits you comfortably and stays exactly where you want it to.

3. Suitable For Use at Home or On-the-Go

You can use this device wherever you are, whether you're at home relaxing or out and about, to find relief anytime you need it.

4. Head & Neck Support & Relief

Get the extra support you need for your head and neck, making sure you're comfortable and helping you feel better by relieving any discomfort.

5. Easily-Operated Hand Pump

Using the pump is a breeze, allowing you to adjust the device to your liking with minimal effort.

Patented AMP Pain Relief Technology
Combines TENS, EMS, NMES, and Auto-Modulating Pulse Technology in one device.
FDA-Cleared Medical Device
It meets the FDA's stringent standards for safe use, performance, and effectiveness.
Health Canada Authorized Medical Device
It has undergone a rigorous evaluation and approval process by Health Canada for home use.
Doctor Developed
Created by Dr. Ho, a Chiropractic and Acupuncture specialist with 35+ years of experience.
Endorsed by American Chiropractic Association
It has received recognition and support from reputable professionals in the field of chiropractic care.
100 Day Satisfaction Guarantee
Shop with confidence and Peace of Mind.


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Why should I use the Neck Pain Pro?

Neck Pain Pro is a versatile device created by Dr. Ho that offers numerous benefits for individuals seeking relief from pain. By incorporating the Neck Pain Pro into your routine, you can effectively alleviate the pain that arises from the challenges of daily living. Whether it's the discomfort caused by prolonged sitting, driving, lifting, or the strain accumulated from poor posture and age-related factors, this medical device can provide much-needed relief. Moreover, Neck Pain Pro is also designed to address chronic and intractable pain conditions. If you are dealing with persistent pain that affects your quality of life, this device can offer a valuable solution.

Is this product safe?

DR-HO’S medical devices are pain relief medical devices that are FDA-cleared and approved by Health Canada, ensuring their safety for use. However, it is important to note that individuals with pacemakers, infants, and pregnant women are advised against using the device. For those with specific medical conditions or concerns, it is recommended to consult with a doctor or healthcare practitioner before use.

Does the Neck Pain Pro utilize a TENS machine?

Yes. The Neck Pain Pro is powered by the advanced DR-HO'S Pain Therapy System, which incorporates not only TENS therapy but also EMS therapy, NMES therapy, and exclusive AMP technology. In addition, the Neck Pain Pro allows you to adjust the intensity levels to suit your comfort and preference. Start with a lower intensity and gradually increase it until you find a level that provides effective pain relief without causing discomfort.

What's included in this package?

When you order the DR-HO'S Neck Pain Pro Deluxe Package, you will receive the DR-HO'S Neck Pain Pro Cushion, 18 small body pads, 6 large body pads, 1 pair of foot therapy pads, 1 bottle of Electrogel, 1 bottle of Pain Relief Spray, and the DR-HO'S Pain Therapy 4-Pad Device.

How do I clean the Neck Pain Pro?

Cleaning the Neck Pain Pro is simple. Just wipe it clean with a damp cloth and allow it to air dry. It is important not to wash the fabric electrodes with soap under running water or apply any ointment or solvent to the pads or your skin before use. Avoid submerging the Neck Pain Pro in water or washing it in a washing machine.

Is the Neck Pain Pro powered by a TENS machine?

The Neck Pain Pro allows you to adjust the intensity levels to suit your comfort and preference. Start with a lower intensity and gradually increase it until you find a level that provides effective pain relief without causing discomfort.

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