Over 35 years ago Dr. Michael Ho decided to set out on an ambitious mission.

Patented AMP Pain Relief Technology
A dynamic combination of 4 technologies into one powerful pain relief solution: TENS therapy, EMS therapy, NMES therapy, and Auto Modulation. Exclusive to DR-HO'S devices.
FDA Cleared Medical Device
DR-HO'S Electrotherapy devices are FDA cleared to safely help relieve your pain and increase your circulation.
Health Canada Authorized Medical Device
DR-HO'S electrotherapy devices are Health Canada Authorized to safely help relieve your pain and increase your circulation .
Doctor Developed
Crafted by Dr. Michael Ho after many years of clinical experience to help people obtain the pain relief they need and feel their best.
Endorsed by American Chiropractic Association
DR-HO'S devices are the only pain relief stimulators endorsed by the ACA based on its highest quality and benefit for patients.
90 Day Satisfaction Guarantee
If you are not entirely satisfied within the 90 days, simply notify us, and we will gladly issue a refund for your order.

Meet Dr. Michael Ho

Dr. Michael Ho is a caring Doctor of Chiropractic and Acupuncture, specialising in treating patients with painful conditions relating to their muscles, joints, and nerves. He is also an engineering enthusiast who pays close attention to exercise physiology, human body mechanics, and the ill effects that bad ergonomics have on muscle, nerve, and joint-related pain.

Based on his education, clinical experiences in treating his patients over the years, and learning his patients' needs, he has developed a line of self-care products that are effective for relieving pain and helping restore one's health.

Dr. Ho's Pain-Relief Belief

Having studied and worked with pain patients in many countries, including Canada, the United States, Sri Lanka, and China, Dr. Ho has devoted his life to studying musculoskeletal pain and the art of self-care. He believes the body has incredible innate healing powers, and under the right conditions, it can restore its healthy functions without invasive interventions or harmful chemicals.

Why We're In Pain

Dr. Ho believes that our modern sedentary lifestyles, high-stress levels, and poor diets are the primary reasons why we are not living as healthily as possible. He strongly advocates that everyone take more proactive preventative measures to promote optimal body function and maximize their quality of life.

He also believes that if a person suffering from pain is given the right tool, they can relieve their pain independently without costly appointments. Dr. Ho’s objective in life is to make available self-care products that are easy, safe and effective; so people can get the relief they need and get their life back.

Dr. Ho's Unique Approach to Treating Pain

Dr. Ho’s approach to treating pain is unique. He has figured out the cause of most common musculoskeletal pain; furthermore, he is providing solutions that can target the cause of the pain. He does not believe in masking the pain with chemicals or accepting that painful dysfunctions are a part of ageing.

He recommends that if you suffer from pain, you treat the cause of the pain as soon as possible, get the relief you need, and stay active. Dr. Ho believes that to remain healthy, you need to keep active, and to stay active requires a functional body that is mobile and pain-free.

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