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Insurance Coverage

Which DR-HO'S products may be covered by Insurance?

All of the following DR-HO'S products are Class 2 Medical Devices under Health Canada, and may be covered by insurance:

  1. Circulation Promoter
  2. Circulation Promoter Pro
  3. Foot & Leg Therapy
  4. Neck Pain Pro
  5. Pain Therapy System 2-Pad
  6. Pain Therapy System 4-Pad
  7. Pain Therapy System Pro
  8. Triple Action Back Belt

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What should I look for in my benefits handbook?

Look for TENS (Transcutaneous Electric Stimulators) devices under the Medical Equipment or Medical Device category.

Will insurance cover the full cost?

Most plans cover up to 100% of the device cost, with no deductible. Ask your insurance provider if your plan covers a TENS device, and what coverage you are entitled to.

Will I need a prescription?

Many plans require a TENS device to be medically necessary in order to approve your claim. That is, you may need a doctor's prescription that describes the condition that requires a TENS device. Ask your insurance provider for more information on the claiming requirements.

Can DR-HO'S bill my insurance directly?

DR-HO'S provides medical devices, like TENS devices, for home use. However, we do not bill any insurance plans.

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