Large Gel Pads Replacement

These doctor-developed electrode gel pads are carefully sized to deliver an exceptionally deep, penetrating, and soothing massage. The resulting relaxation effects are especially beneficial for larger muscle areas, effectively alleviating muscle tension, reducing numbness, and providing relief from pain. The gel pads enhance the Pain Therapy System's impact, providing rapid, temporary relief from neck pain. These pads are also latex-free. 

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Drug-free, non-invasive pain relief

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Make Your Selection: 1 set

Perfect for

Shoulder tension & pain

Easing achy or tender knees

Targeting rotator cuff soreness

Alleviating lower back discomfort and twinges

Soothing hip discomfort

Relieving discomfort in the thighs and calves

Specifically designed to address persistent shoulder discomfort, providing targeted and effective relief from pain.

Purposefully designed to effectively soothe leg discomfort, delivering comprehensive relief to painful areas with efficiency.


Key Features

1. Hypoallergenic Formula

Our electrode gel is comfortable to use and made for sensitive skin

2. Reusable

Our gel pads are reusable with our long-lasting adhesive design, so that you get great value and relief.

3. Flexible Woven Fabric

The woven fabric allows the electrode to comfortably stick to the contours of your body.

4. Self-Adhesive

Features self-adhesive properties, securely staying in place to guarantee continuous comfort and precisely targeted relief.


If you feel like we haven't answered your question here, please feel free to call us at 1-877-374-6669.

How do the Gel Pads function when used without TENS units?

The Gel Pads do not function independently. To operate, a DR-HO’S TENS device is necessary, and it's provided exclusively with the purchase of Gel Pads.

Are replacement wires for the Gel Pads included with my order?

No, the wires that connect to the Gel Pads, known as Lead Wires, are not part of this package. These Lead Wires are utilized to establish a connection between the Gel Pads and the TENS device.

The Gel Pads aren't sticking well to my skin. What can I do?

If you encounter issues with adhesion, try wetting your finger and gently rub it over the sticky side of the pad. Place the plastic film back on the gel pad's surface and wait for approximately 1-2 minutes. Afterward, remove the plastic film, and the pad should regain its stickiness. If this method proves ineffective, it's advisable to replace the pads for better stimulation.

How should I clean and store the Gel Pads?

Fresh replacement Gel Pads come safeguarded with a plastic film. It's crucial not to discard this film. We recommend spraying the sticky side of the Gel Pads with water both before and after use. After each use, place the plastic film back on the sticky side of the Replacement Gel Pad. Refrain from wiping the sticky side with paper towels or cloth, as this can leave behind fibers that may diminish the longevity of the Gel Pads.

Why am I experiencing a rash from the gel pads?

It's common to notice a mild redness on your skin after treatment, a result of increased blood circulation in the area. This redness usually fades quickly. Some users may experience minor skin irritation from using the gel pads. To minimize this, ensure you spray the sticky side of the gel pads with water before applying them to your skin. Also, ensure that the treated skin area is free from lotions or ointments. Areas with dense body hair might lead to discomfort during treatment. Consider cleansing the area with soap and water and/or shaving it before treatment. We recommend removing the gel pads from your skin after each treatment and reapplying the plastic film. Avoid keeping the pads on for longer than your treatment time, as the natural oils from your skin can reduce the pads' adhesive, resulting in decreased overall usage.

What are the pads made out of?

The sticky substance that touches your skin is made of Medicinal Acrylamide and Medicinal Glycerine, and does not contain latex.

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