The Ultimate 2021 Holiday Gifting Guide

The Ultimate 2021 Holiday Gifting Guide
November 17, 2021

Holiday Shopping is Here! Browse Our Gift Guide for Amazing Products

Another holiday season is upon us. While the shopping flurry can be hectic, it's also a great feeling to find the perfect gift that friends and family members can find real value in and use all the time. 


Help Them Take a Break From the Pain That Life Throws Their Way

So many of us deal with pain on a daily basis — whether caused by work-related tension, sports, activities, exercise or just everyday life. So if someone you love needs a break from daily pain, why not give them a device that they can use right from the comfort of home?

To help you find the perfect gift, we’ve put together our 2021 Holiday Gift Guide!



Gifts for Moms, Dads & Spouses

It’s an emotional experience to watch a parent or a spouse live with pain. It’s hard to see them deal with flare-ups due to everyday activities like gardening, walking or sweeping or watch them constantly rub their neck or shoulders in agitation. So to help them find temporary pain relief*, consider giving these DR-HO’S TENS products!



The Neck Pain Pro



The Neck Pain Pro


What is it: The Neck Pain Pro is one of the most rapidly selling DR-HO’S products since it launched last year. It is a comfortable ergonomic neck cushion with built-in electrodes that deliver soothing TENS and EMS stimulations to the neck and shoulder area. It provides targeted, deep, penetrating pain therapy for sore, achy neck and shoulder muscles caused by work, exercise or everyday activities*.


Who is it great for:

  • New moms carrying their babies who build up a lot of neck and shoulder tension
  • The husband or wife who sits most of the day working at a desk
  • The parent who flies or travels frequently and wants an upgrade on their neck pillow
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Discover what the Neck Pain Pro can do.

Recapping the Technologies Used in DR-HO’S TENS Devices:

DR-HO’S devices provide a combination of therapies similar to those used in clinics and physical therapists. They are:

TENS stands for Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation: It is a form of nerve stimulation that uses gentle electrical currents to stimulate the nerves that may be causing your pain.

EMS stands for Electrical Muscle Stimulation: Targets muscles, causing them to contract and relax. As these healthy muscles start to move, the stimulation can help temporarily increase local blood circulation, bringing nutrient-rich, oxygenated blood to those muscles.

AMP stands for Auto-Modulating Pulse: This is a proprietary technology that helps DR-HO’S TENS devices provide over 300 different stimulations that automatically vary in wavelength, frequency and rest periods. That way, you get a soothing variety of pulses that keep the stimulation unpredictable with each and every use.

Triple Action Back Belt



What is it: An upgrade on traditional back support belts, the Triple Action Back Belt is one of the latest DR-HO’S products. The TENS and EMS-enabled design helps the user target their sore, aching lower back muscles*. Not only does the belt help the user feel relief from lower back pain caused by work, activities or exercise, but it also provides excellent lumbar and core support.


Who is it great for:

  • The parent who is constantly bending down to tend the garden
  • The spouse who gets achy lower back pain from daily chores such as folding laundry or doing dishes
  • The traveller who spends hours sitting in the same position in the car 
  • The loved one who is tired and achy after a long day of physical work or activity
It’s difficult to see our grandparents lose mobility as they get older and experience pain from performing daily activities. Less mobility and daily pain makes it difficult for them to be independent, stay active or even just enjoy their time with the grandchildren. So why not try and help them take a break from their day-to-day pain? Here are some great gift ideas to consider for your grandparents.

The Circulation Promoter

What is it: The Circulation Promoter is the best-selling DR-HO’S product. Designed for use on the feet and lower limbs, it provides targeted, deep, penetrating foot and leg pain therapy, and can be used several times a day to relieve pain caused by exercise, work or simply everyday tasks*. It works to gently stimulate the nerves and to get healthy muscles contracting. As those muscles move, the Circulation Promoter can temporarily increase local blood circulation, bringing nutrient-rich, oxygenated blood to those muscles.


Who is it great for:

  • The parent or grandparent who experiences pain and discomfort in the feet and lower legs
  • Those who are on their feet all day long
  • Those who contend with sore feet and achy legs from daily activities

Note: The Circulation Promoter uses TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation) therapy which should not be used by anyone with a pacemaker.


The MotionCiser



What is it: The MotionCiser is a DR-HO’S product that does not use TENS. Rather, the MotionCiser uses passive motion exercise through gentle vibration. With 10 different levels of vibration, you can move your joints and pump your muscles from your feet up to your hips while you sit and relax. Plus, with 5 temperature selections, you can adjust and enjoy the soothing heat to your desired comfort level. It’s your personal masseuse at home!

Who is it great for:

  • For those who spend long hours on their feet
  • Those who suffer from cold feet
  • Those with limited mobility looking for gentle and soothing exercise for the legs and feet
  • Those with limited mobility
  • Those who lead a sedentary lifestyle

Both of these products make great gifts for older loved ones because they are:

  1. Easy to Use: These devices come with remotes that have intuitive designs that are very simple and easy to use.
  2. Accessible: These products are perfect for convenient at-home use and are ready to use when needed. Simply turn it on, sit back and relax while watching tv, listening to the radio, knitting, or talking on the phone.

Great Gifts for Others On Your List


For Your Fitness Focused Friend or Active Partner: Give The Pain Therapy System Pro

Do you have an active friend or family member looking for an effective way to relax and take a break from post-exercise muscle soreness? The Pain Therapy System Pro is the perfect gift option. This versatile, dual-port TENS and EMS device comes with large and small body pads your loved ones can use on various body parts such as the back, arms, legs, shoulders, calves, thighs and more. All they have to do is place the body pads on the desired area, turn the device on and start to feel the soothing nerve and muscle stimulations following their workout or exercise routine. Then they can just sit back, relax and feel the targeted, deep, penetrating pain therapy*.


For Those Who Need More Back Support at Work? Give the Perfectback™ Rest

For those sitting at a desk for long periods during the day, finding a comfortable, posture-friendly sitting position is very important. With DR-HO’S Perfectback Rest, you can help them turn any chair in their home or office into a chair with a comfortable, ergonomic back. Wireless and easy to set up and take anywhere, the Perfectback Rest is designed to support the spine’s natural curve for comfort. It’s engineered with 16 pressure point massagers to help soothe muscles when sitting down.



Do They Already Have a DR-HO’S TENS Product? Browse Pads and Accessories

If someone you love already has and enjoys a DR-HO’S TENS device, help them get the most out of their unit by replenishing their pads and by gifting them some great accessories.

  • Small Body Pads: These small-sized electrode gel pads are sized to accurately target painful areas around the neck and shoulders, wrists and hands, back, legs, and ankles.
  • Large Body Pads: These larger pads help provide deeper, more penetrating stimulations. They are ideal for large muscle areas around the body.
  • Foot Therapy Pads: A great addition for those who own DR-HO’S Pain Therapy System or Pain Therapy System Pro, the Foot Therapy Pads help you target the feet and lower limbs.
  • Pain Therapy Back Relief Belt: This back belt attachment works great with the Pain Therapy System. It can help the user target the lower back.
  • Therapy & Support Band: Works with the Pain Therapy System and the Pain Therapy System Pro to help target specific areas of your legs, knees, ankle, arms or elbows.

Happy Gifting!

Throughout the 2021 holiday season you will find sitewide promos on all of the above DR-HO’S products mentioned. And, if you’re coming across this last minute, we offer expedited shipping for an additional $10 (likely covered by a promotion) to ensure your gift gets in the hands of your loved one in time.

* Temporarily relieves pain associated with sore and aching muscles from normal activity.