The Triple Action Back Belt Product Guide

The Triple Action Back Belt Product Guide
Updated March 2021

What is the Triple Action Back Belt?

DR-HO’S Triple Action Back Belt (TABB) is a state-of-the-art TENS-enabled back support belt. Designed for both structural support and temporary pain relief, the Triple Action Back Belt can be used by those suffering from both chronic and acute pain.

Improving on other back support belts, the TABB uses three distinct pain relief technologies to help lower back pain sufferers in more ways than one: 

1. TENS Therapy, EMS and AMP Technology
2. A Lumbar Support Cushion for the Spine
3. A Dual-Core Support Band

Used together, these three relief methods work to temporarily relieve pain and provide effective support for the lower back. 

Read to learn more about this TENS-powered back support belt!

triple action back belt

What conditions can the belt help with?

The Triple Action Back Belt produces safe, gentle electrical stimulation that works to relieve sore and achy muscles, improve local circulation and reduce pain signals sent to the brain in order to temporarily relieve pain. The belt also provides lumbar and core support to relieve painful back muscles and discs.

It can help provide temporary, symptomatic relief from:
- Muscles aches and tension

- Sciatica

- Degenerative, herniated or bulging discs

- Lower back pain

- Support and posture

- Repetitive strain injuries

- Sports or exercise injuries

- Local circulation

For those who workout and strength train regularly, the Triple Action Back Belt is also an excellent pre-and post-workout tool. Regardless of where your pain comes from or any underlying conditions related to it, the Triple Action Back Belt is recommended as an alternative temporary pain therapy tool that is drug-free and non-invasive.

triple action back belt

How does the Triple Action Back Belt work?

Through the use of three distinct pain-relief and support methods, the TABB offers relief that other belts simply cannot. Here’s how each of these technologies works to relieve pain and provide support:

1. TENS and EMS with Proprietary DR-HO’S AMP Technology

At this point, it’s understood that the Triple Action Back Belt does more than just provide support. Through the use of TENS, EMS and DR-HO’S proprietary AMP (Auto Modulating Pulse) stimulation, the TABB also helps relieve pain.

The TABB joins the list of DR-HO’S pain relief products that use TENS, EMS and AMP stimulation.

To recap, here is how these technologies work:

TENS Therapy: TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation) gently stimulates the nerves to help reduce pain signals sent to the brain and provide temporary relief of pain. Additionally, TENS therapy is thought to aid in the release of endorphins — a naturally-occurring chemical that may also provide temporary pain relief.

EMS Therapy: EMS (Electrical Muscle Stimulation) gently stimulates the muscles, causing them to contract and relax in order to increase local circulation and soothe soreness. Stimulating healthy muscles also helps improve and facilitate muscle performance. 

AMP Technology: AMP (Auto Modulated Pulse) technology is a proprietary technology that provides over 300 different stimulations that vary in wavelength, frequency and rest periods. These stimulations are programmed to automatically change, so you get a soothing variety of pulses. 


What's the deal with AMP?
Most competing TENS machines offer a single, predictable mode of electrical stimulation. Eventually, the body learns to bypass this stimulation and continues to deliver pain signals to the brain.

In developing his proprietary AMP stimulation, Dr. Michael Ho wanted to get around this problem and provide more effective temporary pain relief. AMP (Auto Modulating Pulse) delivers over 300 types of stimulation that prevent nerves and muscles from adapting to the treatment. It’s the key difference between DR-HO’S TENS products and similar devices on the market.

2. The Lumbar Support Cushion

Back support belts can be a major asset for back pain sufferers due to the extra support they provide the lower back (the lumbar region). The TABB’s inflatable lumbar support cushion helps to support the lumbar region.


3. The Dual-Core Support Band

One of the key benefits of the Triple Action Back Belt is that it helps back pain sufferers perform everyday tasks with more confidence and less pain. The Dual-Core Support Band keeps the core/midsection well supported, even when the belt is worn under clothes. This makes it ideal for gardening, cooking, exercising, or just walking around with less pain in the lower back.

What other features can I expect from the Triple Action Back Belt?


Everlasting Electrodes

Built-in everlasting fabric electrodes provide pain-relieving TENS, EMS and AMP stimulation from DR-HO’S Pain Therapy System.

Large and Small Body Pads to Use on Other Parts of the Body

With these pads, you can experience DR-HO’S combination of TENS, EMS and AMP technology and find effective, temporary relief on other parts of the body. You can place these pads on your upper and lower back, legs, glutes, hands, wrists, neck, shoulders and more. 

It has 3 therapy modes

Select three different therapy modes that feel like three different massage techniques! Mode A feels like a deep, kneading massage; mode B feels like gentle chopping and shaking; mode C feels like gentle soothing and rubbing. Choose the mode that you like best!

  triple action back belt


The Triple-Action Back Belt operates on just two AAA batteries, making it completely portable.

Auto Shut-Off Timer

Using the belt before bed? Turn it on and fall asleep with ease with the auto shut-off timer. Set it for 10, 20 or 40 minutes.


How do I use the Triple Action Back Belt?

1. Insert 2 alkaline “AAA” batteries in the back of the device. Plug the wire(s) into the top of the device.
2. Ensure the 2 wires are snapped on the Belt.
3. Apply 5-7 sprays of DR-HO’S conductive gel over the entire surface of the Everlasting Electrodes before use. Spray again every hour during treatment or if there are slight stinging sensations.
4. Wrap the Triple Action Back Belt tightly around your waist with the Everlasting Electrodes positioned on your lower back against your bare skin.
5. Pump and inflate the Inflatable Support Cushion so the Everlasting Electrodes inside the Belt make firm contact with your bare skin.
6. Slowly turn Intensity Dial clockwise until it clicks “on”. Then very slowly continue to increase the intensity to the desired comfort level.
7. To change the type of stimulation, press the “Mode” button to select the desired mode.
8. Press the “Time” button to select 10, 20 or 40 minutes of treatment time. The device will shut off automatically when the time is up. To continue treatment, use the Intensity Dial to turn the device “off” first, and then turn it back “on” for more treatment.

Want more information on DR-HO’S, the TABB or Back Pain?

At DR-HO’S we want those who suffer from chronic pain to find relief and live their best lives. That’s why we are not only committed to selling drug-free pain relief products, we are also committed to education about your pain. Click here for more information on the Triple Action Back Belt. 



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