3 Reasons to Choose The Neck Pain Pro Over a Shiatsu Massager

3 Reasons to Choose The Neck Pain Pro Over a Shiatsu Massager
February 2nd, 2021


Looking to live life with a little less pain?

If you’re starting to research ways to manage and relieve neck and shoulder pain, you’re in the right place. We know that the market for pain-relieving products can seem vast, from futuristic gadgets to herbal concoctions, it can all start to make your head spin. And you’re not alone, about 80% of people will experience neck pain in their lifetime, and that pain can be pervasive and intrusive in your daily life.

Whether you experience neck and shoulder pain occasionally after injury or chronically, you’ve probably seen that “Shiatsu massagers” are a popular pain management option; they aim to replicate the benefits of finger pressure on major pain points that real shiatsu massages can deliver. However, these affordable devices may not be as meaningful in your pain management routine as you would expect them to be. Continue reading to discover three reasons why you should choose DR-HO’S Neck Pain Pro for your neck and shoulder pain over a shiatsu massager.

First off, how does a Shiatsu Massager work?

The shiatsu massager has emerged as a popular choice for relieving neck and shoulder pain, but similar to many other devices out there, the main selling point is that they are simply relaxing and enjoyable to use. Usually made of plastic, the ball-shaped inserts in the device circulate to simulate a massaging motion on the neck, and some devices include a heating element to add to this feel-good sensation.

That said, these massaging devices don’t utilize technologies or techniques that can lead to more meaningful, effective pain management. Discover the technologies that power DR-HO’S devices including the Neck Pain Pro, making it so much more than just a feel-good massager, but rather a device that can become a reliable component of a pain management routine.


1. The Neck Pain Pro is powered by TENS, EMS and proprietary technology.

TENS (transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation) works to deliver safe, gentle electrical pulses that stimulate the nervous system and work to modify the perception of pain signals in the brain. Additionally, TENS therapy is thought to help the body release endorphins — a naturally-occurring chemical that helps the body relieve pain.

At the same time, EMS (electrical muscle stimulation) works as a form of electrical impulse therapy that’s used to stimulate muscles. It uses a stimulation cycle, causing muscles to contract and relax in order to decrease the discomforts associated with inflammation, promote muscle growth, encourage healing and increase local circulation.

With so many other TENS devices on the market, what makes DR-HO’S products so unique? Dr. Michael Ho's proprietary AMP (auto-modulating pulse) technology keeps the electrical stimulation generated by our TENS machine unpredictable, delivering over 300 types of constantly-changing stimulation to prevent treatment adaptation. 

What’s more, the device comes with gel pads that can be placed anywhere on the body. When used with the pads, the TENS machine that powers the Neck Pain Pro uses TENS Therapy, EMS & DR-HO'S Patented AMP Technology to temporarily increase local blood circulation and symptomatically relieve chronic, intractable pain and pain associated with arthritis.

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2. DR-HO’S Neck Pain Pro is an investment in effective pain management.

When it comes to pain-relieving devices, a smaller price tag is definitely more attractive, especially considering how expensive they can get. But before making an impulse purchase on what seems like a “great deal”, it’s important to take a step back and consider the long term. When it comes to chronic, intractable or acute pain management, there’s no room for compromises or settling for less.

When you invest in a Neck Pain Pro from DR-HO’S, you can find peace of mind and confidence knowing that you’ve selected a product that’s designed to become a key part of your pain management routine in the morning, during the day and before you go to sleep. 

3. DR-HO'S has specialized in pain management for over 30 years. 

For over 30 years, Dr. Michael Ho has helped people around the world find effective, temporary symptomatic pain relief. Choosing a Neck Pain Pro device for your pain management routine can be a meaningful first step towards writing your DR-HO’S success story.

Find symptomatic relief with DR-HO'S!

Finding the right pain management device can be empowering, allowing you to feel more confident that you can find the relief you need to stay active throughout the day. Take the first step towards finding temporary, symptomatic relief from chronic and intractable pain; learn more about the many benefits of the Neck Pain Pro and find the perfect package for you today!