Introducing: DR-HO’S Percussion Massager

Introducing: DR-HO’S Percussion Massager
April, 29, 2020



Looking for a deep, targeted massage after a workout? How about if you can get this massage in the comfort of your own home? Learn more about DR-HO’S Percussion Massager — the newest addition to DR-HO’S lineup of products. 


What is DR-HO'S Percussion Massager?


The Percussion Massager is a brand new DR-HO’S product that’s ideal for those looking to massage muscle aches, and speed up muscle recovery at home.


The Percussion Massager is a handheld device that users can use to target tight, tense, cramped and spastic muscles with quick, repetitive pulse massage action. Because it’s equipped with varying speeds and pressures, you can get a high-speed deep muscle massage or a slower, gentler massage for sensitive areas. This percussive movement works to relax muscles and improve the range of motion and movement throughout the muscles.


Great for professional athletes and even weekend warriors, this new product can work as both a pre-workout warm-up for muscles or a post-workout massage to help decrease knots and tightness. It’s also ideal for those who are simply looking for a way to ease muscle tightness at home.




DR-HO’S Percussion MassagerDR-HO’S Percussion Massager

How Does DR-HO’S Percussion Massager Work?

The Percussion Massager uses percussive therapy — also known as vibration therapy — to send rapid, targeted bursts of concentrated pressure into your muscle tissue. This deep, soft tissue massage technique is the same thing that a registered massage therapist do during a traditional massage.

The Percussion Massager’s repetitive pressure and vibration can help to relieve built-up soreness and tightness in the muscles. It’s very effective at massaging the muscles, to help promote improved recovery. 

Percussion Massager

The Benefits of the Percussion Massager:

  1. Provides a satisfying deep-tissue massage by quickly targeting specific body parts or muscles
  2. Decreases muscle tightness and soreness
  3. Accelerates the muscle’s ability to recover after a workout
  4. Finally, it’s fully customizable with 4 uniquely designed attachment heads for targeted, area-specific massages



Why Relieve Tired Muscles After a Workout?

Finding an effective and efficient way to relieve muscles after a workout is essential for those who are physically active on a regular basis. Without taking the time to take care of your muscles after exertion, the risk of injury, strain and overuse increases.

The Percussion Massager is the ultimate at-home, deep- tissue massager. That’s because you can control the intensity and the exact location you need massaged. 

And while a foam roller is also a good option, the Percussion Massager really allows you to massage deeper, with stronger pressure, into the muscle.



Experience a deep-tissue massage With DR-HO’S Percussion Massager

For those looking for a deep-tissue massage for those tired and tight muscles, the Percussion Massager is the ideal device. If you love massages and the ability to control the intensity and location of the massage, the Percussion Massager is the ideal device. The DR-HO'S Percussion Massager is great if you love to have the ability to get a soothing, deep-tissue massage anytime, anywhere. 




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