How Does a TENS Unit Temporarily Reduce Pain?

How Does a TENS Unit Temporarily Reduce Pain?

September, 17, 2018







Understanding Electrotherapy

How does a TENS unit temporarily decrease pain? There are two main theories that explain the mechanism of TENS therapy and temporary pain relief: The Gate Control Theory and The Endorphin Release Theory. TENS units are becoming increasingly common for at-home pain relief and are currently used by thousands of doctors, nurses, physical therapist and chiropractors. In fact, both the The American College of Physicians and American Academy of Family Physicians now suggest clinicians treat patients with acute pain from non–low back, musculoskeletal injuries with TENS therapy.



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The Gate Control Theory

TENS therapy and pain relief references The Gate Control Theory to explain how it works. This theory espouses that electrical impulses administered by TENS units reduces pain signals from reaching the brain. The impulses are thought to interfere with pain messages so that the pain sufferer can feel temporary relief.



The Endorphin Release Theory

The second most common scientific theory is The Endorphin Release Theory. This theory hypothesizes that electrical stimulation can produce endorphins in the body. These endorphins are the body’s natural painkillers, reducing pain signals from the brain. The benefit is that it is completely natural and absent of harmful side effects or dependency issues.




Where Did The Gate Control Theory Originate?

The Gate Control Theory was first published in the 1960’s by Melzach and Wells. Dr. Well’s used a TENS unit to help treat a patient. He observed that a low-intensity current of electrical impulses was capable of “jamming pain signals” and creating a pleasant substitute. He confirmed that the unit did not create pain, but instead, replaced pain signals with a tingling sensation under the pads.



Are You New to TENS Therapy?

If you’re new to TENS and have little to no knowledge about how TENS work to temporarily relieve both muscle and arthritic pain, we have resources to help educate you on the benefits of electrical stimulation for at-home, symptomatic pain relief and pain relief from arthritis. Check out The Pain therapy System or The Pain Therapy System Pro if you are interested in trying TENS or refer to the resources below for more information. 



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