Best TENS Machine: How to Find the Best Price, Quality, & Machine

Best TENS Machine: How to Find the Best Price, Quality, & Machine

May, 15, 2017







Best TENS Machine: How do I find the best unit for my needs?

It’s important to ensure you’re educated on TENS therapy and the purpose of TENS machines before finding the best device for you. The best TENS machine is one that is suited for your specific kind of pain, is set at a reasonable price, and is high-quality so that it will last you many years. Discover how to go about finding the best TENS device for you.



TENS Therapy



Can my pain be alleviated by TENS therapy?

TENS machines are used to temporarily relieve pain from sore and achy muscles to symptomatic relief of chronic and intractable pain and pain associated from arthritis.  If you experience pain in any of the following areas, TENS can help provide temporary relief:
  • Neck pain
  • Shoulder pain
  • Back pain
  • Arm pain
  • Knee pain
  • Leg pain
  • Foot pain
  • Muscle pain
  • Pain due to strain from exercise or normal household work activities



DR-HO'S Pad Placement Guide for Chronic Pain



Finding the Best Price

If you have started shopping for a TENS device you may have noticed that the prices can range from $30 to $1000. A consumer doesn’t want to compromise quality for the price but certainly doesn’t want to break the bank by giving up thousands of dollars if it isn’t necessary. The best price doesn’t always mean the cheapest price if it adds up long-term. The price of a TENS machine comes down to features, quality, and effectiveness.



Spending $30-$100

TENS machines that fall into this price range generally mean you miss out on a variety of features. These machines may not come with extra gel pads, could operate without a rechargeable battery, lack intensity levels, and fail to provide diverse mode settings. The quality may also be less lacking. Overall, if the unit sets a low price tag upfront it may end up costing more long-term.



Spending $100-$300

Spending in this range is a reasonable amount for a TENS device. You are investing in a piece of medical technology that has been adapted from doctors’ offices to your home. It can be costly at first to ensure this technology offers the features you need. Look for a portable size, a set of included gel pads, a selection of modes, a variety of intensities, and a convenient rechargeable battery. These machines are more likely to last over time and be reused frequently/



Spending $300-$600 +

If you are buying a machine for your personal use spending excess of $300 for one machine can be unnecessary. More expensive TENS units tend to add the “frills” like over 40 intensities, custom modes, high-tech LED features, a surplus of gel pads, and more. If the TENS unit hits over the $300 price mark be sure it includes a package of pain-relieving products and not just the single machine.



How Many Gel Pads Does the Unit Come With?

Gel pads wear out over time and need to be replaced. If a TENS unit comes with a good number of gel pads then it could save you money long-term. There are several different sizes of gel pads.



Larger Gel Pads

These pads are generally used to relieve pain in larger muscle groups. This may include back pain or leg pain. The best TENS machine should come with several large pads.



TENS machine



Smaller Gel Pads

Small pads can be used on smaller muscle groups such as pain on the shoulder or knees. The best TENS machine should come with several smaller pads.



TENS machine



Mixed Gel Pads

The ideal package of gel pads should be a mixed pack. Once you have used your TENS machine for a sufficient amount of time and identified which pad size is most suitable for your pain, you can restock on that specific size. The best TENS machine should provide variety!



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