The Anosmic COVID-19 Smell Tester Product Guide: What is it, What Does it Do?

The Anosmic COVID-19 Smell Tester Product Guide: What is it, What Does it Do?
February 10, 2021

COVID-19 Smell Testers Can Be an Effective At-Home Tool

As COVID-19 continues to be a widespread public health issue, it’s crucial to remain vigilant, cautious and alert for signs of infection. A loss of smell has emerged as one of the earliest and most commonly reported symptoms. In fact, studies published in 2021 have shown that this “olfactory dysfunction” (loss of smell) is one of the most prevalent symptoms of those with mild forms of COVID-19. The ability to quickly, conveniently and accurately test whether or not this symptom has presented could be a valuable tool for COVID-19 self-monitoring.

Learn more about the Anosmic™ COVID-19 Smell Tester: A Health Canada-approved and authorized Class 1 medical device that can help Canadians screen and self-test for a common COVID symptom at home.


What is the ANOSMIC™ COVID-19 Smell Tester?

The Anosmic COVID-19 Smell Tester from Virocule® is a class-1 medical device that has been approved and authorized for sale by Health Canada. It is an inexpensive, low-risk, at-home daily COVID-19 testing tool that may help with early detection in carriers through its ability to help identify loss of smell.

This test costs less than $0.55 CAD per test, allowing and encouraging Canadians to test daily. If you sense a loss of smell, you will know right away that you could be at risk of a COVID-19 infection. One 15 mL bottle has over 75 tests; enough for a family of four for two weeks. One 100 mL bottle has over 500 tests. 


How does it work?

The product has an intense, characteristic smell that in clinical studies has shown high sensitivity and specificity in checking for olfactory dysfunction. The Anosmic COVID-19 Smell Tester is made with a proprietary, chemical-free and organic formula so there are no hazards to your health when conducting the test.


How do I screen myself for loss of smell using the Anosmic COVID-19 Smell Tester?

It takes only 30-seconds to conduct the test: simply spray it once on a tissue or your wrist, sniff from 2-inches away, and assess if you can detect the odour or not. We recommend recording the intensity of smell on a scale from 0 to 10, where 0 is no smell and 10 is the maximum smell. Also, note your physical reaction and your ability to identify the characteristics of the scent.

The test is very simple to conduct:

1. SPRAY a dash on a tissue or your wrist
2. SNIFF your wrist from 2 inches away
3. ASSESS if you can detect a distinct odour or if it's harder to smell it from one day to the next

If so, you may have COVID-19. Get medical attention, a confirmatory test (e.g. RT-PCR) and isolate yourself. Daily testing is recommended.


How do I correctly interpret my results?

One should isolate from others and proceed to a COVID-19 testing location if,

1. The intensity of your smell score is less than 7
2. The intensity of your smell score drops by 5 points from the previous day
3. There is no physical reaction or ability to identify ingredients in the scent


How effective is it?

The Anosmic COVID-19 Smell Tester tests for this unique, early COVID-19 symptom with over 90% accuracy* and is recommended by the manufacturer as a daily check for adults and children over 12 years old.


Are there other early-detection sprays authorized by Health Canada on the market?

The Anosmic COVID-19 Smell Tester is the only rapid screening device authorized by Health Canada for use by Canadians at this time.


How do I store the Anosmic COVID-19 Smell Tester?

Store at room temperature between 10 – 35 degrees Celsius. The spray bottle has a lifespan of 90-days once opened and 1-year sealed.

Screening with the Anosmic COVID-19 Smell Tester is just one step towards reducing transmission

Knowledge is one of the most powerful tools we have against the novel coronavirus. But while daily screening with the Anosmic COVID-19 Smell Tester can be a very helpful tool in the detection and keeping others safe, it’s essential that users must continue to follow local health guidelines and take precautions including wearing PPE, maintaining a physical distance from others and washing one’s hands regularly.

*The Anosmic® COVID-19 Smell Tester may not be effective for persons who may be COVID-19 positive but asymptomatic to sense of smell, or who have lost sense of smell for any reason such as autoimmune disorders, undergoing chemotherapeutic treatment, nasal congestion, neurodegenerative diseases. Virocule is not responsible for use of Anosmic® COVID-19 Smell Tester and interpretation of results for COVID-19, as results are subject to the individual's own understanding and interpretation.