5 Reasons The Circulation Promoter is the Perfect Foot and Leg Massager

5 Reasons The Circulation Promoter is the Perfect Foot and Leg Massager
December, 10, 2019





DR-HO’S Circulation Promoter is an Ideal Foot and Leg Device for People needing temporary relief from Foot and Leg Pain


DR-HO’S Circulation Promoter is a device used to temporarily increase local blood circulation, temporarily relieve pain while also giving you a soothing foot and leg massage. The machine is powered by DR-HO’S Pain Therapy System, a TENS and EMS device that stimulates the nerves and muscles in the soles of the feet. For those  with foot and leg pain, the Circulation Promoter is ideal for both stimulating muscles and nerves in the feet to help temporarily reduce the pain and increase local circulation.



Why is Circulation in your feet so important?

Blood circulation is an essential bodily function since it supplies the body’s vital organs with enough oxygen and nutrients needed to operate. Lack of oxygen can cause muscle pain, stiffness, or weakness. Maintaining healthy circulation and foot health should be a priority for anyone wanting to be healthy. 

perfect foot and leg massager



1. The Circulation Promoter Temporarily Increases Local Circulation

DR-HO’S® Circulation Promoter is powered by the Pain Therapy System and combines TENS, EMS, and our proprietary Auto-Modulating Pulse (AMP) technology to temporarily alleviate aching feet, temporarily increase local blood circulation and deliver over 300 types of constantly-changing stimulations. Individuals who are on their feet throughout the day can feel the soothing relief of a foot massage at the start or end of their busy day. This device was designed and used by retired Chiropractor, Dr. Michael Ho for his patients and is now available to help symptomatic relief of chronic pain and pain associate with arthritis while also stimulating the muscle to temporarily increase local circulation right at home.perfect foot and leg massager for diabetics


perfect foot and leg massager for diabetics

2. The Circulation Promoter Stimulates the Nerves and Muscles

DR-HO’S Circulation Promoter stimulates both the nerves and muscles in order to effectively help temporarily relieve both muscle pain as well as pain from Arthritis.By stimulating the nerve, the Circulation Promoter will provide symptomatic relief and management of chronic, intractable pain and relief of pain associated with arthritis. 
By stimulating healthy muscles, the Circulation Promoter will improve and facilitate muscle performance as well as help temporarily increase local blood circulation. 
By combining these two functions, you can temporarily relieve pain and temporarily increase local blood circulation at the same time!perfect foot and leg massager for diabetics



3. The Circulation Promoter Comes in Three Different Packages

Browse the package options below and click the links to learn more about the great additional features available in each!
Circulation Promoter Basic Package Includes:
  • Circulation Promoter
  • 4 Regular Body Pads
  • 2 Large Body Pads
  • Circulation Promoting Foot Massage Pads
  • Travel Bag
  • Instructional DVD
Circulation Promoter Deluxe Package Includes:
  • Everything in the Basic Package +
  • 16 Additional Regular Body Pads ($70 value)
  • 4 Additional Large Body Pads ($39.98 value)
circulation promoter deluxe package
Circulation Promoter Ultimate Package Includes:
  • Everything in the Deluxe Package +
  • Pain Therapy Back Relief Belt ($59.99 value)
  • Therapy and Support Band ($44.99 value)
  • DR-HO’S Pain Relief Spray ($29.99 value)

Find Out How The Circulation Promoter Can Relieve Your Pain

If you are looking for a way to temporarily relieve your pain and temporarily increase local circulation in your legs and feet the DR-HO’S Circulation Promoter is an excellent option. For more information on DR-HO’S products,  check out more blog content: