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Take control of your pain from the comfort of your home with professional-grade devices powered by AMP Technology.
2000+ 5-star Reviews
“Easy to use and immediately felt much better. Going on vacation next week and looking forward to bringing the body pads along.”
Philip O Bosworth
"My legs and feet are in heaven. Very easy to set up and use. I am always promoting Dr. Ho's products to family and friends, or to anyone I hear that tells me they are suffering from back and leg pain. What I like is this product is that it's drug-free"
Maryalla Evans
“Love this product. The four contact points are amazing. I've been suffering from a car accident, side whiplash for about 20 years. I love this neck pain pro because of the intensity over just the pads. Thank you so much!”
Shirley Joorisity

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Drug-free, non-invasive pain relief products from the comfort of your home

Patented AMP Pain Relief Technology
A dynamic combination of 4 technologies into one powerful pain relief solution: TENS therapy, EMS therapy, NMES therapy, and Auto Modulation. Exclusive to DR-HO'S devices.
FDA Cleared Medical Device
DR-HO'S Electrotherapy devices are FDA cleared to safely help relieve your pain and increase your circulation.
Health Canada Authorized Medical Device
DR-HO'S electrotherapy devices are Health Canada Authorized to safely help relieve your pain and increase your circulation.
Doctor Developed
Crafted by Dr. Michael Ho after many years of clinical experience to help people obtain the pain relief they need and feel their best.
Endorsed by American Chiropractic Association
DR-HO'S devices are the only pain relief stimulators endorsed by the ACA based on its highest quality and benefit for patients.
100 Day Satisfaction Guarantee
If you are not entirely satisfied within the 100 days, simply notify us, and we will assist you with a return for refund.

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2000+ 5-star Reviews

Featured Products

Circulation Promoter - Essentials Package
Circulation Promoter - Essentials Package
  • Provides targeted pain relief 
  • Symptomatically relieves chronic pain
  • Soothes sore and aching muscles
$199.96 CAD
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Neck Pain Pro - Essentials Package
Neck Pain Pro - Essentials Package
  • Doctor-developed for discomfort and chronic pain
  • Improves blood flow and helps relax muscles
  • Completely drug-free, portable, and effective
$299.99 CAD
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Adjustable Pillow
Adjustable Pillow
  • Doctor-developed for best ergonomics and proper support
  • Customizable for comfortable sleep
  • Hybrid Air Core Foam prevents clumping or flattening over time
$149.99 CAD
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Circulation Promoter PRO (TENS) - Essentials Package
Circulation Promoter PRO (TENS) - Essentials Package
  • Delivers next-level precision in pain relief
  • Symptomatically relieves chronic pain
  • Soothes sore and aching muscles
$349.93 CAD
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Triple Action Back Belt - Essentials Package
Triple Action Back Belt - Essentials Package
  • Relaxes sore muscles 
  • Relieves back pain 
  • Improves circulation
$299.99 CAD
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Pain Therapy System 4-Pad - Essentials Package
Pain Therapy System 4-Pad - Essentials Package
  • Relaxes muscles and improves circulation.
  • Relieves pain in various body parts.
  • Combines TENS and EMS with AMP Technology.
$194.97 CAD
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For over 30 years, Dr. Michael Ho has helped millions of people around the world live a happier, more active life with less pain.
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Pain Relief Devices
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Recommended By Healthcare Practitioners & Endorsed By The American Chiropractic Association.

Powered by proprietary AMP Pain Relief Technology

1 TENS Technology
Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation delivers gentle electrical impulses to the nerves providing deep, penetrating pain relief.
2 EMS Technology
Electrical Muscle Stimulation delivers soothing electrical impulses to healthy muscles, helping them to contract and relax, while providing muscle therapy as well as improving muscle performance.
3 NMES Technology
Neuromuscular Electrical Stimulation sends impulses to the nerves, helping the relaxation of muscle spasms, increasing the blood flow circulation and improving range of motion.
4 Auto-Modulation Technology
This patented technology combines over 300 TENS, EMS, and NMES waveforms to create a dynamic pain relief treatment that feels like a soothing hands-on massage while relieving your pain.

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Dr. Ho is an Acupuncturist and a former Chiropractor who has treated thousands of patients for more than twenty years and has a special interest in treating patients with chronic pain.
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What makes DR-HO’S devices different?

Most competing TENS machines block pain at first, but within several minutes the pain persists. These TENS machines offer a single, predictable mode of electrical stimulation. The body learns to bypass this stimulation and continues to deliver pain signals to the brain. Dr. Michael Ho worked with a team of skilled engineers to create a device that could prevent neural adaptation. All of DR-HO’S devices utilize TENS, EMS, and NMES to deliver different combinations of electrical stimulation with modulated frequencies, wave durations, and waveforms. We refer to this proprietary type of stimulation as Auto-Modulating Pulse (AMP). This means no matter how long you use a DR-HO’S device, the pain will be kept at bay. All of DR-HO’S massage modes deliver the electrical stimulation in different frequencies so the pain signals continue to be blocked. The auto-modulating waves are the key differentiator between DR-HO’S and other TENS and electrical stimulation machines available for sale.

Do DR-HO’S products come with a guarantee?

Pain can’t be relieved within a day so we provide our customers with a 100-day money-back guarantee so that you get to use our products for a substantial amount of time to see how DR-HO’S devices can help you relieve your pain. Our guarantee is less shipping and handling. 

What is AMP Technology?

DR-HO’S AMP Technology stands for Auto-Modulated Pulse. AMP Technology utilizes three different electrical stimulation modalities known as TENS, EMS, and NMES to provide a comprehensive approach to pain management. AMP takes it a bit further by providing over 300 different types of electrical stimulations that randomly change every few seconds to avoid muscle adaptation. In addition, AMP varies the intensity, waveform duration, and waveform frequencies so that you can use our device on a regular basis.

Are DR-HO'S devices drug-free?

Yes, DR-HO’S electrical stimulation devices are completely drug-free solutions to help you manage your pain and can be used in combination with your medications. They do not require any over the counter or prescription drug supplements in order to be effective. If you have any health concerns or are unsure about alternative therapies then it’s always a good idea to consult your healthcare provider when starting any new forms of therapy to ensure that it’s the correct solution for you.

Are DR-HO’S products safe to use?

DR-HO’S electrical stimulation devices are pain relief medical devices that are FDA cleared and authorized by Health Canada and are completely safe to use. It is, however, not recommended for people with pacemakers, infants, and pregnant women. For those who are epileptic or if you have any concerns with a specific medical condition, we always recommend you consult with your doctor or healthcare practitioner.

Does the stimulation hurt?

The stimulation from our devices is very gentle and comfortable. In fact, the different modes in our devices feel like you’re getting a massage such as kneading, chopping, or fingers gently running over your muscles. You are in control of the stimulation and increase or decrease the intensity as you require. For best results, we recommend that the gel pads feel nice and sticky to enhance the feeling of the stimulation and when using the fabric electrode make sure to add enough of the electrode gel before using the device.

Do I need to use Gel on the Gel Pads?

The gel pads can be used on any body part to provide you with a comforting massage and to help relieve your pain. They comfortably conform to your body and allow the electrical stimulation to effectively relieve your pain. Simply ensure that the pads are nice and sticky before use or add some water to them before you start.

How long does it take the devices to start working?

DR-HO’S devices will start working right away. The stimulation from our devices will contract the muscles to help them relax but more importantly, help to increase circulation to relieve your pain. Remember pain doesn’t disappear overnight so for the best results we recommend that you use our devices daily at least 3-5 times a day for the best results and you will notice a difference within a short period of time.

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