Therapy & Support Band

DR-HO’S® Therapy and Support Band is designed to provide support and protection for your joints and muscles while providing the benefits of TENS technology to relieve muscle tension and pain. This accessory works with the Pain Therapy System and the Pain Therapy System Pro to help target specific areas of your legs, knees, ankle, arms or elbows. 

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Arm pain

Wrist & hand pain

Elbow pain

Leg pain

Joint & muscle pain

Thigh pain

Ankle pain

Foot pain

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What DR-HO'S Device will this work with?

The Therapy & Support Band can work with any DR-HO'S TENS Device! You will need to use the lead connecting wire that is compatible with your DR-HO'S TENS device.

How do I use the Therapy & Support Band?

- Attach the Therapy and Support Band to your Pain Therapy System, Pain Therapy System Pro or any other DR-HO'S TENS device using the connecting wire. - Wrap the Therapy and Support Band around the muscle group or joint that needs relief. - Activate your DR-HO'S® Pain Therapy System, Pain Therapy System Pro or any other DR-HO'S TENS unit by slowly turning the intensity dial until you begin to feel the sensation. - Adjust the mode and timer to your desired specifications and enjoy the massage!

What is the fit of the Therapy & Support Band?

The Therapy & Support Band is one size, and is adjustable between 10" to 23".

How big are these gel pads?

Approximately 2.5" x 3" OR 6cm x 8cm.

How do I clean and store my Gel Pads?

New replacement gel pads are protected with a plastic film; please do not discard this film. . We recommend that you spray the sticky side of the gel pads with water before and after use. Then, place the plastic film back on the sticky side of the Replacement Gel Pad. Do not wipe the sticky side of the gel pads paper towel or cloth; this will leave fibers behind and will reduce the longevity of the gel pads.

What does the Therapy & Support Band work best for?

The Therapy and Support Band works best on your extremities, including your entire legs, knees and ankles, and arms, including elbows and wrists.

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