Why Choose DR-HO’S?

Why Choose DR-HO’S?
April 1, 2022

You Asked, Dr. Michael Ho Answered!

There are so many different TENS machines out there. Many that are less expensive. So why choose DR-HO’S? To help answer this question, our founder Dr. Michael Ho responds to your most common concerns.


Dr. Ho working with a patient

“DR-HO’S Is Expensive! Why?”


There are a few reasons behind my price points:



1. High Research and Development Costs

The costs involved with designing, engineering, and testing high quality, effective, and regulated medical devices around the world is high. All DR-HO’S TENS machines are class II medical devices, cleared by FDA, Health Canada and other trusted bodies around the world.



2. Uses Multiple Pain Therapies

All DR-HO’S TENS machines include more than just TENS technology. In addition to TENS, my machines also have EMS therapy, NMES therapy, plus my proprietary AMP technology. More on this later.



3. Includes Extra Accessories

All my packages come with additional body pads (both large, small, and foot pads) and a travel case. These extras can be essential if you’re using the device often, on multiple areas of the body, or are sharing it with a family member (which many customers do).



“What’s Wrong With a Cheaper TENS Device?”


Not all TENS machines are created equal. There are a few key differences in development:


Higher Priced, Higher Quality TENS Machines:

Lower Priced, Lower Quality TENS Machines:

✅ Designed by doctors with years of experience directly working with patients in pain. Uses proprietary software programmed by highly skilled engineers.

❌ Usually the software is programmed by a factory electronic technician who has never worked with patients in pain.

✅ Made with high quality electronic parts. This ensures pulses are gentle, stable, and comfortable, so the therapy is enjoyable.

❌ Likely made with inexpensive electronic parts. This usually makes the sensation uncomfortable. It’s sometimes described as “pins and needles.”

✅ Uses sophisticated software programming of waveforms and frequencies to stimulate nerves and muscles. This ensures the pain therapy is powerful and effective. ❌ Likely uses simple software programming. This usually means the stimulation is weak and won’t reach deeply into the nerves. Therefore, relief will not be as effective.

✅ Uses high quality body pads that are:
- Very sticky
- Tested to be hypoallergenic
- Provide high conduction
- Can be removed without being damaged

❌ Will likely use standard body pads that:
- Will not stick firmly to the skin
- Will not be tested for allergies
- Will provide a weaker sensation
- Will be more uncomfortable to remove
“How Are DR-HO’S Machines Different From Other TENS Machines?”


My devices do two main things differently than most other TENS machines:

1. They include EMS therapy, NMES therapy, and AMP Technology.

a) TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation) targets the nerves to help relieve pain ​​due to strain from exercise, work or normal household work activities.


b) EMS (Electronic Muscle Stimulation) targets healthy muscles, causing them to contract and relax to improve and facilitate muscle performance (*this is especially important for post-exercise muscle pain)


c) NMES (Nerve Muscle Electrical Stimulation) targets the nerves and muscles to relax muscle spasms, increase blood flow circulation, and maintain or increase range of motion. (*this is especially important for conditions with poor blood flow in the legs, ankles, or feet)


d) AMP (Auto Modulated Pulse technology) provides over 300 different stimulations that constantly vary in wavelength, frequency, and rest periods. This proprietary technology gives you a soothing variety of pulses, rather than one repetitive pulse.


DR-HO'S techology TENS, EMS, NMES, AMP

More pain therapy technology. Same small, compact device.



2. They are designed for different parts of the body.

Typical TENS machines are small devices with connecting pads you stick on your body. While these machines are still great (this is my original product), there was room for innovation. Over the years, my customers told me that it can sometimes be a challenge to place the pads on the right part of the body and replace the pads when they lose their stickiness overtime. So, I developed:


a) The Circulation Promoter: All you have to do is place your feet on top of it.


b) The Neck Pain Pro: Wear it around your neck and shoulders.


c) The Triple Action Back Belt: Wear it around your lower back.


DR-HO'S custom, comfortable TENS designs for neck, feet, back


*All of these specialty TENS machines still come with a detachable “remote control” (my Pain Therapy System) and additional body pads for full body use.



“I’m Skeptical. This Seems Like A Scam. How Can I Trust This Will Work?”



I’ve heard it before:


“Ouch! Electric shocks? That sounds scary and painful. No thanks.”


“Lol, isn’t Dr. Ho that infomercial guy?”


“Greeeeaaat, another product claiming it can help my chronic pain! It’s called chronic pain for a reason, it’s not going away.”


A healthy dose of sense of skepticism is a great thing. You shouldn't blindly believe advertisements – especially when it comes to pain relief. However many many people who swear by TENS and DR-HO’S once started as skeptics. But willing to do almost anything to minimize their daily pain, they took a chance and tried one for themselves…



Skeptical TENS customers


TENS Review


Real customer on TENS



The overwhelming majority of users end up coming to the same conclusion — that DR-HO’S does work effectively to help reduce their pain.




Don’t worry, it’s not painful shocks. Rather, it's gentle pulses that you can control the intensity of.


Yes! I’ve done a lot of advertising on the Shopping Channel. It helped me reach and ultimately help millions of people watching who were suffering in pain.


Anything claiming to completely solve pain likely is a scam. My product cannot provide a cure-all solution to pain! But, it can help people find a little bit of relief. And often that can mean the difference between feeling trapped on the couch versus getting up to tidy the house, thinking of pain and having trouble sleeping versus forgetting pain and falling asleep, or watching their grandchildren play versus actively playing with them. To many people, that’s worth it.


If my device can help play even the smallest role in just one person living with less pain, I consider myself beyond successful. I have devoted my professional life to making a product that can help people and I am confident in what I am selling. It doesn’t matter if people think it's a scam, because I have seen first hand it's not.



“What Have You Witnessed From People Using Your Devices?”


Over the past 30 years, I have seen millions of peoples’ pain journeys.


Living with daily pain can take a toll! Many pain sufferers are even discouraged to leave their home, afraid that pain will strike at any moment. Not feeling confident or able to enjoy the simple activities in life like going on a hike or popping into the grocery store is no way to live. People deserve to take back some control over their lives.


It has been very heartwarming to see what a simple, portable, effective device can do for people. Many of these individuals have personally written to me to share their experiences…


Wall of Thank You letters at DR-HO'S office


Wall of Thank You letters at DR-HO'S office



Less pain means being able to go back to work, back to playing with their children, to taking long trips, walking the dog, playing sports, spending more quality time with friends and family, and doing ordinary activities without fear.


Over the years, I’ve saved each of these letters. They now stand framed in a wall at our DR-HO’S office.


This is why I do what I do.



“Will It Last A Long Time?”


All DR-HO’S products are designed for heavy use and years of effective service. I still see photos of customers using my older version which is over a decade old!


Customer Review on DR-HO'S lasting years


Customer Review on using DR-HO'S for 20 years


Customer Review on using DR-HO'S for 15 years


However, if you do experience issues with the device within the first year of using, contact us and we will replace it!



“How Can I Justify The Cost?”

My devices are expensive. However, consider the long-term and ask yourself…


Do you often visit a chiropractor or physical therapist? DR-HO’S could be an effective alternative in-between appointments or when the clinic is closed.


When pain strikes in the moment, could you benefit from immediate therapy? DR-HO’S can be used right from the comfort of your own home, workplace, or wherever you happen to be when the pain hits. 24 hours a day.


Do you anticipate living with pain for a while? DR-HO’S is a one time purchase that will last. Use multiple times a day for years to come.


How much are you willing to pay to minimize pain? For most people, it’s not the area they want to compromise in. Because the right pain therapy tool can make a true difference in your day to day life. Yes, it’s an investment. But it’s an investment in feeling a little bit better tomorrow, in being able to walk a few extra steps, and in all the possibilities that a life with less pain brings.



“Will Insurance Cover It?”

Check with your insurance provider to see if TENS devices are covered. If they are, all you need to do is contact your doctor for a prescription, purchase the device, and submit the claim and receipt to your insurance company.



“What If I Don’t Like It?”

Pain is personal and shopping decisions are tough. That’s why I am proud to offer my 90 day home trial with a money back guarantee. Try one of my devices for yourself first. If you decide it’s not the right tool for you after three entire months of use, you are welcome to return it.


If you have questions or difficulties in using the system, contact our toll free customer service number to have one of our experts guide you through the process.



To Summarize, Choose DR-HO’S Because:



1. It Uses High Quality Parts, So Therapy Is Enjoyable

2. Proprietary Technology Is Prioritized, So Relief Is Effective

3. EMS and NMES Is Also Added In, So You’re Body Gets More Therapy

4. You Can Get A Device Specifically Designed For Your Area of Pain, So It’s More Comfortable

5. Packages Come with Everything You Need, So There Won’t Be Any Extra Costs

6. It’s Going to Last For Years, Maybe Even Decades, So You Have Reliable Relief

7. You Don’t Have to Decide Until AFTER You Try It, So You Can Rest Assured You Won’t Waste Your Money

8. It’s Made By A Team Of People Who Truly Care, So You Have Access To Support Whenever You Need It



I hope I answered all of your concerns. If you still have ANY questions, please contact my team. We would be happy to help advise you on the best decision for your unique pain type. Feel free to reach out to us at any of the following channels:


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