Two Products to stretch and support your Back & Neck While Working From Home

Two Products to stretch and support your Back & Neck While Working From Home
April, 15, 2020

Temporarily relieve back & neck pain from your home office!

Over the last few weeks, working from home has become the new normal for so many of us. And though working from home sounds simple and comfortable enough, there are plenty of logistical challenges to get used to as our typical routines change. This is very true for those who are dealing with pain in the back and neck. To make it easier to adjust to makeshift home office setups, DR-HO’S products offer at-home devices to temporarily relieve back and neck pain while working from home. 

Whether you’re looking to improve your posture, help temporarily relieve neck and back pain or simply  find a more comfortable way to work, learn about two DR-HO’S products that provide effective, at-home temporary relief. 




1. DR-HO’S Perfectback™ Rest offers premium ergonomic back support while working from home

As we’ve all been mandated to spend much more time indoors these days, it’s essential for back pain sufferers to have access to the support they need to stay comfortable and productive at home. But regardless of whether you’re suffering from back pain, posture and spinal health should be a top priority during work hours. 

The majority of the chairs used in homes everywhere are incompatible with the natural shape of the spine. Due to this lack of support, many of us instinctually tend to slump over into positions of poor posture, compromising the natural curvature of the spine. Over time, this can result in serious musculoskeletal strain and pain that can lead to conditions like sciatica or degenerative and bulging discs. 



What does the Perfectback™ Rest do?

DR-HO’S Perfectback ™ Rest was specifically made to support and compliment the natural curve of your spine, reduce stress on the discs and promote better posture to help temporarily reduce back pain while sitting for extended periods of time. Individuals who are concerned about their back or are dealing with issues in their neck, shoulders can benefit from this support system. 

Instead of investing in an expensive ergonomic office chair for added support, why not invest in an ergonomic back support system you can use on any of the chairs you already own? You can strap DR-HO’S Perfectback™ Rest to any chair in order to elongate and support the spine while you work, relax and exercise at home. 





Key features of the Perfectback™ Rest: 

16 Acupressure Massage Nodes

When you lean back against the Perfectback Rest™ these built-in nodes work to stimulate the pressure points around the spine for a gentle massage. 


Premium Ergonomic Support

The Perfectback Rest™ was designed with human physiology in mind. It provides excellent support for the lumbar spine while you sit and work from home. 


Full Ventilation

Premium support shouldn’t come at the expense of other comforts. The Perfectback™Rest’s ventilated surface ensures that air can circulate to your back to keep you cool and comfortable. 


Adjustable Strap

The Perfectback™ Rest was designed to work on a variety of chairs around the home. 


Perfect for Stretching at Home

To stretch your spine, use the Perfectback™ Rest like a spine bridge. Put it on the ground, lie on it, move your arms above your head. Relax your body, breathe slowly and feel the stretching and elongation effects on your spine. Learn more here.




2. DR-HO’S Neck Comforter stretches and supports your sore neck

DR-HO’S Neck Comforter is a simple, affordable way to stretch and support your neck in the comfort of your own home. The Neck Comforter is a neck traction device. Neck traction is a common therapy used in physcial therapy clinics. The Neck Comforter gently stretches the neck upward to reduce compression and stretch tight muscles in the neck. By tractioning the neck you can help to temporarily open up the spaces where the nerves exit the spinal column to relieve pressure on painful compressed nerves.1  

Brilliant for keeping the neck upright, aligned and supported, the Neck Comforter is designed to:

  • Temporarily relax neck muscles

  • Temporarily relieve muscle tension

  • Temporarily increase local circulation

  • Temporarily increase range of motion in the neck

Relieve Back & Neck Pain From Home




Find effective back & neck solutions while working from home with DR-HO’S 

Back pain and neck pain are pervasive, widespread issues. While neck pain is quite common, approximately 80 percent of adults experience low back pain at some point in their lifetimes. It is the most common cause of job-related disability and a leading contributor to missed workdays.2 

Instead of trying to relieve the pain caused by poor posture and tight muscles, you can try these two devices that help stretch and support neck and back muscles. By keeping the muscles relaxed and maintaing good posture, you can help reduce the likelihood of experiencing pain. The Perfectback™ Rest and the Neck Comforter are simple, effective ways to stretch tight muscles and support better posture.  

And the best part? You don’t even have to leave the house to pick these products up. With flexible shipping options in both Canada and the United States, we will deliver both products directly to your door.