DR-HO’S Holiday Gift Guides: Perfect Gifts for the Active Senior in Your Life

DR-HO’S Holiday Gift Guides: Perfect Gifts for the Active Senior in Your Life
November 27, 2020


Gifting is hard. With so many options, it can be easy to get overwhelmed and overthink the perfect gift. At DR-HO'S, our gift guides are designed to help gift-givers narrow down some great ideas that their loved ones will find real value in — because ultimately, we want to give gifts that our loved ones will enjoy and that will help them get more out of life.

Let us help you narrow down the choices and find the perfect gift (or two) for the active senior in your life. While they still love tending to a lush garden, getting out on nature walks, strolling around town, or playing with the grandkids, you're starting to notice the wear-and-tear on the body that comes with age. They don't have any desire to slow down or sit still, but you want to make sure that they have access to pain management tools and activity aids that can help them stay active for longer. 

Whether it's chronic pain or wear-and-tear from activity, check out these gifts that can help a parent, grandparent, friend or loved one manage pain and stay comfortable while staying active! 



1. Everlasting Comfort Seat Cushion

Sitting more ergonomically should be a priority, especially for seniors who may spend a lot of time seated. An ergonomic seat cushion can not only provide some much needed comfort when sitting for long periods of time, but it can also help offset some of the pressure put on spinal discs, reducing the pain and discomfort that comes with poor posture in the long term. A super-soft, memory foam cushion is a small but mighty addition to any pain management routine.


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2. DR-HO’S Circulation Promoter

The Circulation Promoter is a personal-use pain management device from DR-HO’S product line that is designed to relieve pain, relax muscles and improve local circulation from the feet upwards by increasing blood flow and stimulating foot muscles.

TENS technology, EMS technology and DR-HO'S proprietary AMP (Auto-Modulating Pulse) stimulation: these drug-free pain relief technologies work together in this compact unit to deliver effective pain-relieving stimulation that can help the active senior perform the activities they love with more confidence and less pain



3. Carhartt Heavyweight Thermal Base Layer

The temperature-regulating wool/polyester blend in this thermal base layer from Carhartt helps keep the heat in, and the cold out — even in the most inclement weather. Temperature-sensitivity can increase as one ages, and it can prevent the active senior in your life from getting outside and living their desired lifestyle. This thermal base layer is not only beneficial for regulating body temperature, but it’s also stylish with the recognizable and reputable Carhartt name-brand.


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4. JAMETAI Back Stretcher

This at-home device from JAMETAI helps to stretch out the back area and provide lumbar support when it’s needed most. Pressing deeply on specific pain points, this device works to help correct and improve posture while alleviating back pain that may derive from activity, stiffness, slouching or repetitive movement, or underlying causes such as sciatica, herniated discs and more.

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5. Rymora Compression Socks

Compression socks are the perfect stocking-stuffer for an active senior who could benefit from improved circulation. From the feet upwards, these performance compression socks from Rymora work to increase blood flow, helping to prevent cramps, tingling and other discomfort that comes from inadequate circulation. These breathable socks are lightweight, and can be worn through any physical activity.
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6. AVIDDA Knee Support Brace 2-Pack

Pressure on joints becomes even more significant as one ages. Using a knee support brace can help prevent injury and discomfort due to pressure on the knee joints, and help absorb shock as the wearer goes about their day. The active senior in your life will appreciate being able to move around and continue doing the activities they love with the support of this protective and stabilizing knee brace from AVIDDA. Anti-slip silicone and absorbent fabric make this brace perfect for all-day wear!


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7. TrailBuddy Trekking Poles

These trekking poles from TrailBuddy can be just the boost this active senior needs to get back outside and exploring on the trails! High-quality aluminum allows for solid support through rough terrain and a lightweight feel simultaneously. The poles come apart for convenient storage, and can be collapsed to fit in any travel bag. Support the active senior in your life with a meaningful gift that can give them the confidence they need to stay active in the great outdoors!

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More on the DR-HO'S Circulation Promoter

The Circulation Promoter is designed to help improve local circulation, reduce swelling, relieve pain, tension and stiffness, and alleviate aching feet and legs. This device is powered by TENS (transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation), EMS (electrical muscle stimulation), and AMP (auto-modulating pulse) technology that work in tandem to help alleviate pain. TENS technology works to stimulate the nervous system with gentle electrical currents that “override” pain signals in the brain.

To ensure that the nervous system doesn’t adjust to this therapy and prevent it from working, AMP technology was introduced to make the stimulation more unpredictable and thus continually effective for the user over time. Additionally, EMS technology in the Circulation Promoter can provide relaxing muscle stimulation that mimics a massage. 

The lack of circulation in the feet and legs that commonly affects seniors can result in cramps, stiffness, blood clots and more discomfort. Improved circulation can help to provide relief from the pain that keeps this active senior from doing the things that they love with the people they love. A device such as DR-HO'S Circulation Promoter can be a meaningful gift this holiday season for the active senior experiencing chronic pain. 




Delight that special someone with a gift from the heart

We hope that our gift guide has inspired you to get the perfect gift that will delight the active senior in your life this holiday season. Hopefully, you’ve found something meaningful that will inspire them to continue living a healthy, active lifestyle.