Here are 4 Home Remedies for Nerve Pain in the Feet

Here are 4 Home Remedies for Nerve Pain in the Feet
March 29, 2021

Tried everything already? Find meaningful home remedies for nerve pain in the feet.

Many foot pain-sufferers can say that they’ve tried just about everything to find some relief. Unfortunately, many popular pain-relieving methods stop working after a period of time, or they don’t align with your lifestyle and desired outcomes. That being said, let us share with you some simple, non-invasive and drug-free options for managing your nerve pain from the comfort of your own home. Keep reading to learn more about nerve pain, and to discover four of our top home remedies for nerve pain in the feet.



What is Nerve Pain?

The sensations of nerve pain can feel different from person to person. Some describe it as shooting, sharp pain, while others say it feels more like tingling, prickling or numbness. Regardless of how it manifests for you, nerve pain is often the result of nerve damage, possibly making you hyper-sensitive in the affected area. Nerve pain can be a minor nuisance or a debilitating challenge in your life. An important step in beginning to manage your nerve pain by yourself is identifying your triggers; movement can trigger nerve pain in the feet or the sensation of touch from shoes or bedsheets. Many find that their pain worsens at night, often due to the flexion of the feet during sleep.

Where does nerve pain come from? 

Common causes of nerve pain in the feet include:

Nerve pain in the feet can also arise with no clear cause, with age, obesity and stress being risk factors for development. Outside of this list, any sort of compression on the nerves in the feet can be the cause of nerve damage. But whether or not you have an underlying condition of which nerve pain is a symptom, nerve pain itself can be managed comfortably from home without the use of pharmaceuticals or invasive procedures, if you so choose.



Nerve Pain Do's and Don'ts

Now that you know more about what causes nerve pain and what it feels like, check out our list of do’s and don'ts for managing nerve pain in the feet


  1. Do get quality sleep. Nerve pain in the feet can make it difficult to get a good night’s rest so you may have to take extra steps to wind down and relax before bed.
  2. Do invest in flat, comfortable shoes. If you experience numbness, check your feet regularly and reduce the risk of further injury by wearing comfortable, padded shoes that are not too tight.
  3. Do remember that managing chronic pain is all-encompassing; making lifestyle changes in other aspects of your life can help you deal with your pain. For example, eating a balanced, nutritious diet and making time for friends and family can make it easier to deal with the challenges of pain.




  1. Don’t completely stop moving unless otherwise directed by your healthcare provider. Even just walking can help promote blood flow to the feet and legs. Plus, regular exercise may be able to expand blood vessels in the feet, allowing damaged nerves to heal.
  2. Don’t consume alcoholic beverages excessively when dealing with nerve pain, as this can cause it to worsen.
  3. Don’t suffer in silence; share your experiences with people you can count on for support. When seeking therapy or counselling, don’t forget to mention your pain condition.



1. Foot Brace or Foot Splint

One of our home remedies for nerve pain in the feet includes wearing a foot brace or foot splint, depending on if you need immobilization for pain that’s worsened by movement, or support while you go about your day. You don’t need to see a professional or be sized to get one of these devices; they often offer customizable fits suited to your foot size and comfort. There are varieties available with different levels of rigidity or support, whether you’re looking for a brace that supports your arches or ankles to help you stay on your feet, or a brace that keeps your foot in a neutral, immobile position.



2. Hot/Cold Therapy

Use heat therapy, ice therapy or both to address your foot pain from home. Ice therapy can be used as one of many home remedies for nerve pain in the feet to alleviate acute, sharp pain. It works by numbing sensory fibres and restricting blood flow, helping you find fast relief when it strikes. It’s recommended especially for new injuries. Conversely, heat therapy increases circulation to encourage the healing of damaged tissues, allowing more oxygen and nutrients to flow to the affected area. Heat therapy can be beneficial for reducing stiffness, increasing mobility and for some much-needed relaxation. Heat therapy is often not recommended for areas affected by inflammation.



3. D-I-Y Massage

Experience the benefits of massage from the comfort of home by learning how to give yourself a foot massage. This method is one of our home remedies for nerve pain in the feet that doesn’t require any tools or devices, but you may choose to incorporate a ball to enhance your massage by rolling each foot over the ball. Through kneading and pulling in circular motions at a pressure that you are comfortable with, you can give yourself a foot massage that helps alleviate stiffness and discomfort. The benefit of a massage at home is that you can put extra care into your most painful areas and choose the technique that works best for you.




4. TENS Therapy

TENS (transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation) is one of our home remedies for nerve pain in the feet that targets the nervous system directly. Of our list, it’s the method most backed by studies and personal experiences, and nerve pain is one of the most common reasons to use a TENS device.

This therapy is delivered via a TENS machine that conducts gentle electric currents through adhesive pads to the affected area. TENS is effective for relieving pain as it works to overload the nervous system with signals so that pain signals sent out by damaged nerves do not register in the brain. Another way that TENS therapy works to help alleviate pain is by increasing levels of endorphins — the body’s natural pain-killing chemical.

Some reasons why TENS therapy is one of our meaningful home remedies for nerve pain in the feet are:

  1. TENS devices are lightweight, portable and easy to use. Making them a very user-friendly device to recommend to those dealing with nerve pain in the feet.
  2. Electrical nerve stimulation does not hurt or take long to start working.
  3. TENS therapy is effective on its own without the use of pharmaceuticals or invasive procedures.



Why DR-HO'S Circulation Promoter is a stand-out TENS device

The Circulation Promoter from DR-HO’S line of pain-relieving products is a reliable pain therapy device that can effectively target a wide variety of pain needs — including nerve pain in the feet. But there’s more than just TENS therapy that powers this device; in addition to TENS, the Circulation Promoter uses EMS therapy and AMP technology to deliver meaningful, temporary pain relief.

EMS Therapy: EMS (Electrical Muscle Stimulation) gently stimulates the muscles, causing them to contract and relax in order to increase local circulation and soothe soreness.

AMP (Auto Modulated Pulse) technology: This is Dr. Michael Ho’s proprietary technology that provides over 300 different stimulations that vary in wavelength, frequency and rest periods. These constantly-changing stimulations are programmed to automatically change, so you get a soothing variety of pulses as you’re using the device. This proprietary technology is the key difference between the Circulation Promoter and other TENS devices on the market, making it a stand-out device among other home remedies for nerve pain in the feet.

The device is easy to use and starts working as soon as you turn on the machine. Users can even translate the temporary pain-relieving benefits of the device to other parts of the body. DR-HO’S Pain Therapy device can be detached from the Circulation Promoter and connected to body pads to use elsewhere. Learn more about the Circulation Promoter device, how to use it and its meaningful benefits for pain sufferers.



Go forward with your newfound knowledge and start feeling better, sooner.

We hope that our list of home remedies for nerve pain in the feet helps you find meaningful ways to manage your pain so you can start doing the things you love again. You can try the Circulation Promoter device mentioned in our list of home remedies for nerve pain in the feet risk-free with a 90-Day Money-Back Guarantee!