Why is My Neck Pain Causing Pins and Needles?

Why is My Neck Pain Causing Pins and Needles?

April 7, 2022



Can Neck Pain Cause Pins and Needles?

You guessed it: Neck pain can definitely lead to that unpleasant sensation known as “pins and needles.” As if neck pain itself wasn’t enough of a nuisance!

If you or a loved one is experiencing pins and needles in the neck, or if you’re just looking to learn more about it, you’ve come to the right place. In this blog, we’ll go over what’s really happening when you experience pins and needles, and what you can do to find some relief!



What Does Pins and Needles in The Neck Feel like?

Neck pain sufferers often describe having the following sensations when they are contending with neck pain:

  • A dull ache
  • Stiffness & soreness
  • Sharp jolts
  • Nothing at all; numb
  • Pins and needles

All of the above sensations seem to speak for themselves, except for “pins and needles.” So, let’s break it down: The pins and needles sensation is formally known as paresthesia. Paresthesia describes an uncomfortable or even painful sensation that feels like:

  • Tingling
  • Prickling
  • Burning
  • Itching

You’ve most likely felt this elsewhere on the body, like when you cross your legs for a long period of time or sleep on top of your arm. Here’s why this uncomfortable, prickly feeling may occur:



What Causes Pins and Needles in the Neck?

Paresthesia in the neck may be the result of too much pressure on the nerves. The “pins and needles” feeling can happen when excess pressure cuts off the blood supply to the nerves in your neck. In most cases, it subsides shortly after any applied pressure is gone. You may also experience pins and needles if your neck was previously numb and it is now regaining feeling. Or, you might experience it after experiencing pain from a nerve injury in the neck.

Important Note: Persistent pins and needles in the neck with no obvious cause could potentially be indicative of nerve problems. Consult your preferred healthcare provider to learn about the risk factors and for an accurate diagnosis.



Are Pins and Needles in The Neck Serious?

For many, paresthesia comes and goes within minutes, not causing too much concern. Others experience paresthesia more frequently, and sometimes without an obvious cause. Because of this, paresthesia and neck pain in general can be more than just a mild nuisance: it can be frustrating and intrusive in your day-to-day life, making everyday tasks more difficult and making your long-term goals seem further out of reach.



What Can I Do About Pins and Needles and Neck Pain?

Looking after and caring for the neck and shoulder area is paramount in keeping neck pain at bay ⁠— so you can get back to doing the things you love again! Because everyone dealing with neck pain has different needs and preferences, you may have to try a few things before discovering what really works for you. With that, let’s cover some at-home pain relief methods that just about anyone can try:





4 Ways to Relieve Neck Pain at Home



1. Try Heat Therapy

Applying a safe and tolerable amount of heat to areas affected by pain could help to increase circulation and soothe discomfort. This can be especially helpful if your pins and needles pain is related to poor circulation. You can try applying a heat pad whenever pain strikes or taking a warm, soothing bath instead.



2. Get a Relaxing Massage

In general, massages can be relaxing and rejuvenating. More specifically, they can have real benefits for those dealing with nerve pain in the neck.

Try targeted massage therapy such as Neuromuscular Therapy (NMT). NMT massages are applied to specific areas of the body with the goal of releasing pressure from the nerves and increasing blood flow. The relaxing benefits of massage therapy can also help sufferers manage stress, which can often make your pain even worse.  



3. Address Your Sleep Habits

Getting deep, restorative sleep is directly related to how people experience pain. Prioritizing quality sleep every night is a great first step towards feeling less pain day-to-day. Plus, quality sleep is an important part of mental health, which plays a big role in how you cope with pain. Small things you can do today to start sleeping better include:

  • Limiting your caffeine intake hours before bedtime.
  • Sleeping and waking at the same time each day.
  • Keeping the bedroom dark and quiet.
  • Stretching before bed.
  • Limiting screen time in the evening.



4. Try a DR-HO’S TENS Device

Looking for a powerful and reliable method of at-home pain relief? Try TENS!

TENS pain management devices from DR-HO’S are drug-free machines that have been used by medical professionals for decades. Now, you can take that same therapy home with you in a convenient, easy-to-use device! Use it between appointments, at home, at work and anywhere else – so you can be ready whenever pain strikes. Here’s how TENS and additional pain therapies work in a DR-HO’S device:

TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation) is conducted through adhesive pads that you place on your skin. Or, in the case of a device like DR-HO’S Neck Pain Pro, through electrodes that are built into the device. They work to conduct gentle electrical pulses from the machine to your most painful areas. TENS targets the nerves specifically with powerful pain-relieving stimulations.

You’ll also find other pain-relieving technologies in DR-HO’S devices including the Neck Pain Pro. EMS stimulates healthy muscles to facilitate and improve muscle performance. Plus, NMES stimulates both the nerves and muscles to relax muscle spasms, increase blood flow circulation, and maintain or increase range of motion. All together, the combination of these pain-relieving technologies makes for one effective and reliable device that can help those dealing with neck pain and even pins and needles pain.



Don’t Let Pain Hold You Back!

We know that neck pain, pins and needles, or any other kind of discomfort you’re experiencing can be a thief of joy. From everyday activities to your greatest ambitions, pain can impact every aspect of your life. We hope that this information on neck pain and pins and needles will help inspire you to take that first step towards finding pain relief methods that work for you. Try a TENS device like the Neck Pain Pro from DR-HO’s with confidence by taking advantage of our 90-day money-back guarantee!