Why Is DR-HO’S Worth The Price?

Why Is DR-HO’S Worth The Price?

June 30, 2022



Why Is DR-HO’S Worth The Price?

We get this question all the time. Why are your products so pricey? What makes your TENS products worth more than your competitors? What’s so special about DR-HO?     It’s true, our products aren’t cheap, but they’re an investment. We believe that those living with daily, chronic pain deserve the very best service, technology, and therapy possible.     Let’s see where your dollars go when you shop with DR-HO’S.



Over 35 Years of Innovation, Research, and Results.

When you buy a pain therapy device from DR-HO’S, you get more than a TENS device. You’re buying nearly four decades of research, engineering, and testing. Since day one, we have been focused on providing the best possible pain relief products. And our obsession with creating easy-to-use, effective pain management solutions is still going strong.  
The costs of designing, engineering, and testing high-quality, effective, regulated medical devices are high. All DR-HO’S TENS machines are class II medical devices, cleared by the FDA, Health Canada, and other trusted bodies worldwide. That means you’re getting a high-quality, regulated, and rigorously trusted product that you can trust!  

With DR-HO’S, You’re Getting More Than Just a TENS Unit.

While most of our competitors solely use TENS, all our pain therapy products use TENS, EMS, NMES, and AMP technology for a more robust pain therapy experience. Let’s break down what those acronyms mean and why having more helps justify the DR-HO’S price tag.  

1) TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation) targets the nerves to help relieve pain ​​due to strain from exercise, work, or normal household work activities.



2) EMS (Electronic Muscle Stimulation) targets healthy muscles, causing them to contract and relax to improve and facilitate muscle performance (*this is especially important for post-exercise muscle pain)



3) NMES (Nerve Muscle Electrical Stimulation) targets the nerves and muscles to relax muscle spasms, increase blood flow circulation, and maintain or increase range of motion. (*this is especially important for conditions with poor blood flow in the legs, ankles, or feet)



4) AMP (Auto Modulated Pulse technology) provides over 300 different stimulations that constantly vary in wavelength, frequency, and rest periods. This proprietary technology gives you various soothing pulses rather than one repetitive pulse.



Pain can be a prison. It restricts you from doing what you want to do and puts up barriers between you and a normal life. Our goal has always been to give you the tools to help break out of that prison and get your life back. That’s why we offer more therapy options in the same compact, discreet device.

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With DR-HO’S, the ‘Extras’ Come Standard in Every Order.

We want to help you target your pain and give as many options as possible. We know pain isn’t a one-size-fits-all issue. With more options to tackle your pain, you’ll likely find something that works for you!


We design all our products to be as usable and practical as possible – all our products come with additional body pads (both large, small, and foot pads) and a travel case.


These extras are essential for several reasons:

1) The travel case allows you to bring your DR-HO’S product wherever you go, so you’ll be prepared whenever your pain hits.


2) The extra pads help increase the lifespan of your product. No need to constantly order low-quality replacement pads like with our competitors' products. We keep you stocked for the long run.


3) Having a variety of pad sizes come standard means you can more effectively target your pain anywhere on your body! Small pads work best for smaller muscles, while the big pads work best for bigger muscles.


4) More pads mean you can share your DR-HO’S product with a family member or loved one. No need to buy multiple products, one unit per household will work just as well!


why is dr-ho's so expensive



It Pays to Invest In Your Health and Wellbeing.

Your health should always come first. We think of wellness and pain relief as an investment in your future happiness. Even if that relief just means a few extra steps on a walk with your family, a few extra minutes gardening on a warm spring day, or a few extra pushes on the swing with your kids. Putting a price tag on these moments is impossible, but investing in them is priceless.

Your physical well-being is such an integral part of life. It affects everything you do. Your health and well-being shouldn’t be an area to compromise. Yes, most pain therapy options are expensive, but the right tool can make a real difference in your day-to-day life. So let’s look at how DR-HO’S can fit into your life:


Q: Do you often visit a chiropractor or physical therapist?
A: DR-HO’S could be an effective alternative in-between appointments or when the clinic is closed.



Q: Does your pain come on suddenly? Would you benefit from immediate therapy?
A: DR-HO’S can be used right from the comfort of your home, workplace, or wherever you happen to be when the pain hits. 24 hours a day.



Q: Do you anticipate living with pain for a while?
A: DR-HO’S is a one–purchase product that will last. Use multiple times a day for years to come.



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Cheap Products Are Cheap. DR-HO’S has the Durability and Quality to Help For Years.

Most TENS machines are small devices with connecting pads you stick on your body. While these machines are still great (this is our original product), there was room for improvement and innovation.

Over years of use, TENS pads will lose their stickiness, meaning you have to order replacements which can be inconvenient, especially if pain strikes when you’re out of pads.

We wanted to create products that could be used “pad free” so they’re easier and more comfortable to use. So we developed:

  1. The Circulation Promoter: All you have to do is place your feet on top of it.
  2. The Neck Pain Pro: Wear it around your neck and shoulders.
  3. The Triple Action Back Belt: Wear it around your lower back.

Each of these were intentionally designed to target pain in specific areas. It’s pain relief, personalized.

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Putting a Price Tag on Pain Relief.

To sum up, DR-HO’S is expensive because…

  1. Our products are backed by decades of research and development and are FDA and Health Canada cleared.

  2. We offer more pain management options beyond just TENS like EMS, NMES, and our proprietary AMP technology.

  3. Each order comes standard with travel cases and extra pads so you can take your pain therapy anywhere.

  4. Your health is worth the investment. DR-HO’S could be the thing that works for you.

While our products carry a premium price tag, they also provide premium pain relief technologies and are backed by nearly four decades of happy customers! If we can’t convince you that DR-HO’S is worth a try, we’ll let our customers do the talking!



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Our wall of letters from customers who have personally written thank you notes to us.



We’ve helped millions of people live lives with less pain, and we’re confident that we’ve got the right product for you too! We encourage you to give us a try and see for yourself if DR-HO’S is worth it. And if you decide we’re not, our 90-Day Guarantee covers you on returns and refunds!