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  • Pain was located primarily in my rotator cuff, which led to muscle tension across my back and up into my neck. It would affect me in my work a day, my ability to relax and more importantly, my ability to sleep through the night. Since I started using DR-HO'S, I'm finding myself able to get through the work day, much, much better range of motion, no pain and most importantly, a great night's sleep. What I love about DR-HO'S is the variety of the treatment that is going through. You get power. You get the intensity in a very small, easy-to-use unit and the best part about it is, I don't have to make an appointment with anybody to get the kind of relief I get with the DR-HO'S product.


  • It feels good. It feels really good. I feel like I'm getting a proper arch in my back. It feels more straight. I don't feel like I'm slouched over, no discomfort. Definitely your mind's got to be in the game. And if my back's all slouched and hurting, I'm going to be more focused on that than I am on my cards. And usually poker games go on for a long time. So after a while I definitely start to slouch over. This gives me the constant reminder, keep your back straight. So I don't have pain after I'm finished. The Perfectback Rest really helps me with my game, because it keeps me upright. And it keeps me focused on my cards and what I'm doing.

    Simon B

  • "Geoff: I've had lower back pain and along with my lower back pain I had problems in my legs. And both my back pain and the pain in my legs have gone away after wearing this belt. Rocco: I'm very surprised that, in a half an hour wearing the belt, it's relieved the back pain. It's actually got rid of it and relieved the tingling sensation in my leg."

    Geoff W & Rocco S

  • I hurt my back when I was young. I had a plank fall on my back. Before I had the belt, I was limited to what I could do. The problem is bending over, and when I bend over, I go to straighten up and it hurts. If I feel soreness in my back, I can put the belt on and it's not sore any more. So I can function. I can do things. It frees me up. Why? I don't know, but it works. That's all I care. When I do some work, I used the belt, without being pumped up, for support, and it helps me. The belt works for me. I'm happy with it, and I don't know what I would do without it.


  • DR-HO's Belt should be used for anybody who drives for long periods, who sits all day long, who does chores like cooking, cleaning and gardening. Essentially it should be used for activities like lifting, sports or work. You don't need anyone to help you put it on. It's comfortable. It's easy to wear, and you can wear it standing, sitting or lying down. There are two benefits to wearing DR-HO's Belt. First, it gives you good support and at the same time, stretches your back muscles so it reduces the stress in your back. It's a great belt. I use it myself, and I recommend it for anyone who wants quick relief for stress in their back.

    Dr. Rice (Belt Benefits)

  • "So I've had back, hip problems for the past four or five years. I fell down a flight of stairs. About six months ago I had an MRI done, and they found that I had four herniated discs in my lower back and I had sciatica pain all down both legs actually. So I've tried everything for my back pain. I did traction at the hospital. I went to chiropractic. I did physiotherapy. I've even taken pain killers before soccer games. And you know what, nothing gave me instant relief except for the DR-HO'S Belt. When I first put that on the very first time, instantly the pain down my legs, the sciatica pain that I had was instantly gone. So in using the belt now it allows me to do more thing than I could do before. Before I was just laying on the couch and couldn't really move, couldn't play with the kids. Couldn't play sports. Couldn't go to the gym. Now, after using it it feels like I've got something back now, like I'm young again, because I was feeling real old."


  • "Alice: You, the pressure is right off your back and you can run for miles and do whatever. Kym: Being able to pick my daughter up is amazing and just embracing her and showing her love was impossible before but now with this belt, I can do it. Gary: Anybody that's got a bad back is going to love this. They're going to love you, I tell you."

    Gary, Alice L & Kym K

  • "Geoff W: Before I put the belt on, my back was quite sore in the lower area, and after this half an hour or 20 minutes, whatever it's been, it's feeling a lot better now, much, much better. Rose H: My back feels great, and the best part about it is you can do it in the privacy of your own home, your car, at work. I feel like I don't have to keep going to physio, basically. I now have HO physio at home."

    Geoff W & Rose H

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