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Understanding Neck & Shoulder Tension

Neck and shoulder pain is not only uncomfortable; it can lead to tension headaches, poor circulation, and a reduction in your range of motion. The form of pain you experience in your neck or shoulders can determine its origin. Identify the source of pain and let us help find the source of your relief. Discover informative articles, helpful tips, and customer stories to help relieve your neck and shoulder pain.

Introduction to Neck & Shoulder Tension

Your head and shoulder position throughout the day can attribute to neck and shoulder pain – including the way you sleep.


Poor posture will put stress on your muscles and draw your head forward will send signals to the brain that your skull should sit in front of your spine. The muscles in the neck shorten, tense, and increase the amount of stress is put on the discs of your spine.


Improper posture strains the spine since it must support your head in an ergonomically incorrect position. The further the head slouches from its intended position, the harder it is on the spine.


There are several causes of pain and tension:


  • Staring at your computer and phone
  • Sleeping awkwardly
  • Poor posture

Correcting posture and finding relaxation techniques can immensely decrease neck and shoulder tension.


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Facts about Neck & Shoulder Tension

  • Neck pain is reported more frequently by females than males.


  • Most individuals with neck pain are between the ages of 18-64.


  • Age increases wear and tear on vertebrae, discs, muscles and joints.


  • Many shoulder problems are caused by the breakdown of soft tissues in the shoulder region.

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