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5 Ways DR-HO’S Back Decompression Belt Helps Back Pain Sufferers

January 16, 2020 in Back Pain

A Background on Back Pain

Chronic and acute back pain is usually described as a sharp or shooting pain that is felt in the neck (cervical), middle of the back (thoracic), in the lower back (lumbar) or on the tailbone (coccydynia). Back pain, most commonly appearing as lower back pain, is one of the most widespread pain-afflicted areas on the body. This is where DR-HO’S Back Decompression Belt can be so valuable. 

The Most Common Effects of Chronic and Acute Back Pain Include:

  1. Aching
  2. Stiffness
  3. Soreness
  4. Spasms
  5. Tense
  6. Numbness
  7. Tingling
  8. Swelling

When faced with severe or minor back pain, the common solution is to resort to over-the-counter analgesics (painkillers) to help. But there are also many non-invasive and drug-free ways to help with your back pain. DR-HO’S Back Decompression Belt is an effective tool to help relieve your back pain without the use of drugs.

back pain

What is DR-HO’S Back Decompression Belt?

DR-HO’S 2-in-1 Back Relief Decompression Belt is a wearable, easy-to-use back traction device used by clinical professionals to relieve back pain. Now you can treat your back pain from the comfort of your own home instead of getting spinal decompression therapy at your doctor. The 2-in-1 Decompression Belt provides both traction and decompression therapy:

Traction Therapy:

  • Relieves pressure on the spine
  • Can be performed manually or mechanically
  • Used to treat herniated discs, sciatica, degenerative disc disease, pinched nerves
  • Used when the decompression belt is inflated

Decompression Therapy:

  • Used in both upper and lower back treatment
  • Used both by back pain specialists and at home with decompression belt
  • When DR-HO'S Back Decompression Belt is worn deflated, it fits under the clothes to provide excellent midsection support to help you perform day-to-day activities such as gardening, washing the dishes, walking, hiking and working.

DR-HO'S Back Decompression Belt

5 Ways DR-HO's Back Decompression Belt Helps Back Pain Sufferers

1. DR-HO’S Back Decompression Belt Helps Stretch Tight Muscles and Ease Stiffness

When dealing with a back injury or strain, the muscles tend to tense up in order to compensate for the injury or misalignment. This compensation can lead to tight muscles and stiffness. When inflated, the decompression belt can be used to help gently stretch tight muscles in the back in order to ease stiffness. When the back is less stiff, your flexibility and range of motion are improved allowing you to move more freely. This freedom of movement can help you to get moving, improving circulation and range of motion to help heal and strengthen your back. 

2. Use DR-HO’S Back Decompression Belt to Relieve Stress on the Lower Back 

To lift and stretch the spine, the therapy belt expands four inches tall when it's inflated. By doing so, the belt is lifting and supporting the weight of your upper body to relieve the stress on the lower back. Eventually, the decreased pressure on your lower back will help with long term pain by elongating the spine, taking pressure off of tight muscles, relieving nerve compression and improving blood circulation to the lower back. 

DR-HO'S Back Decompression Belt

3. DR-HO’S Therapy Belt Makes it Easier To Continue With Everyday Activities

One of the key features of the decompression belt is its 2-in-1 relief that allows you to get the most out of your pain management. When inflated, the decompression belt gradually stretches the spine vertically to relieve pressure on the back. And while deflated the belt can be worn while completing daily tasks as the belt is the best structural support for your lower back and spine. This promotes a healthier, more active lifestyle that doesn't put you at the mercy of your pain. Instead, it gives you the relief you need to get on with your day. 

4. Use the Decompression Belt for Pain Relief Anytime, Anywhere

Doctor's visits and specialist appointments have to be scheduled and by appointment only. With DR-HO'S Back Decompression Belt, you can relieve your back pain from the comfort of your own home at any time when the pain acts up. As well, by wearing the belt deflated regularly can help prevent back pain from flaring up later on. 

DR-HO'S Back Decompression Belt

5. DR-HO’S Decompression Belt Helps Prevent Back Pain Flare-Ups

With an unstable lower back, it's never confirmed when your back pain is going to flare up as everyday actions can trigger the pain. By using the Back Decompression Belt regularly, it can help stabilize and support the lower back to strengthen your back muscles in order to help prevent back pain flare-ups and spasms caused by constantly tight and tense muscles. 

Find Back Pain Relief with DR-HO’S

DR-HO’s 2-in-1 Decompression Therapy Belt provides many benefits to help get you one step closer to managing your back pain without the use of drugs. 

The Decompression Belt:

  • Decompress lower back joints and spinal discs
  • Lifts and keeps upper body weight off the lower back
  • Stabilizes lower back and improves posture
  • Strengthens the back and core
  • Stretches and relieves tight lower back muscles
  • Relieves lower back pain and stiffness
  • Comes in two sizes to ensure the proper fit for everyone


dr-ho's decompression belt

Other Back Pain Relief Options

The Decompression Belt is one effective step in what can be a lifestyle-oriented approach to relieving pain. Here are some other effective steps:

More Information on DR-HO’S Decompression Belt

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