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Pain Therapy System Product Guide

The Pain Therapy System Product Guide

Read on to learn about the bestselling TENS therapy device developed by Dr. Michael Ho. After providing tried-and-tested pain relief for over 20 years, the Pain Therapy System is one of the most popular TENS devices on the market. With that, here is the Pain Therapy System product guide.

What is the Pain Therapy System?

The Pain Therapy System is a professional-grade TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation) device that allows the user to relieve pain. Furthermore, the Pain Therapy System is clinically proven, and both Physiotherapists and Chiropractors use the device. It is a safe and effective way to relieve pain, reduce muscle tension and spasms, improve blood flow, and increase tissue oxygenation.

What is it Used For?

The Pain Therapy System can help you relieve pain and tension on your own terms, from the comfort of your home, without the use of drugs. The unit is easy to use and will start working right way to relieve muscle tension, pain, and discomfort associated with conditions such as:

Pain Therapy System Product Guide

How Does the Device Work?

Targets Pain With TENS Therapy

Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS) is a form of therapy that uses a low-voltage electrical current to provide safe, clinically-tested relief. The device conducts an electrical current through self-adhesive massage pads. When these pads are placed on the painful area, electrical impulses travel along the nerve fibres and override pain signals from reaching the brain. These pulses work to stimulate the area using Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS) and Auto-Modulating Pain Relieving Waves, creating different massaging sensations. Moreover, the stimulation changes at random to prevent the body from adapting to any one modulation. Through these functions, DR-HO’S Pain Therapy System targets pain at its source, providing relief in as little as 20 minutes.

Eases Muscle Tension

Muscle tension and spasms can result from dehydration, over-activity, stress and electrolyte imbalances. What's worse, muscle discomfort can strike suddenly and be quite painful. In these instances, it is important to have a way of managing pain quickly and effectively. The Pain Therapy System’s functionality, combined with its targeted EMS and Auto-Modulating Waveforms can provide immediate relief from muscle-related distress.

The Pain Therapy System Helps With Circulation

The devices can also stimulate and encourage blood flow, thus increasing circulation. Effective blood circulation is responsible for carrying oxygen and essential nutrients to the tissues and the body’s extremities. As a result, poor circulation can lead to a number of ailments, including joint pain, stiffness, feelings of weakness and muscle cramping. The Pain Therapy System increases circulation by stimulating the muscles to contract and release. Through the use of TENS technology, it also alleviates the pain associated with that poor circulation.

DR-HO'S Pain Therapy System Innovates With AMP Technology

Most TENS machines offer a single mode of stimulation which may work at first, but eventually the body will adapt and continue to send pain signals. In developing the Pain Therapy System, Dr. Michael Ho worked with a team of skilled engineers to fix this. The Pain Therapy System uses wave patterns and frequencies that change automatically to provide stimulation the body cannot adapt to. These auto-modulating pulses (AMP) are the key difference between DR-HO’S Pain Therapy System and similar devices on the market.

Pain Therapy System Product Guide

What are the Other Benefits of the Pain Therapy System?

Mimics a Massage

DR-HO’S Pain Therapy System is programmed to provide a variety of different treatment modes and waveforms. Like a hyper-targeted, fluid massage, these waveforms and modulations penetrate deep, right to the source of the tension or pain.

Safe, Easy-to-Use and Comfortable

Chronic or acute pain is never just confined to the home; it can strike at any time. Our TENS machine is fully portable, easy to use and powered by just two AAA batteries, so you can use it anywhere, at any time, as you need it.

3 Different Massage Modes

The Pain Therapy System contains 12 different types of modulating waveforms bundled into 3 unique massage modes. These proprietary waveforms constantly change to keep your body from adapting to any one mode or setting. The modulating waves are what sets DR-HO’S apart from other at-home TENS machines.

Works for the Entire Body

The Pain Therapy System's self-adhesive pads can be used to relieve pain on over 20 different body parts, including the head, neck, shoulder, back, hips, legs, feet and more. To help you get the most out of your unit, the Pain Therapy System comes with a DVD and reference guide to help with pad placement, body positioning and accompanying exercises.

How to Use DR-HO'S Pain Therapy System

Follow the simple instructions below and you'll be on your way to living a pain free life:

  1. Ensure 2 AAA batteries are inserted into the system. For best results, use alkaline batteries as they provide a steady stream of power.
  2. Attach the gel pads to the connecting wire.
  3. Peel off the plastic protective cover. Keep the cover, as you will need to cover the gel pads after use.
  4. Slightly spray water to the sticky-side of the gel pads and wait several seconds.
  5. Apply the gel pads to the intended muscle area.
  6. Connect the wire to the Pain Therapy System.
  7. To activate, slowly turn the intensity dial until you begin to feel the sensation.
  8. Adjust the mode to your desired massage specifications.
  9. After each use, replace the plastic protective cover onto the sticky-side of the gel pads.

DR-HO'S Pain Therapy System TENS Machine


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