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Can You Use a TENS Unit While Sleeping?

August 20, 2018 in TENS Therapy


Can you use a TENS unit while sleeping?

TENS therapy uses a low-voltage electrical to help relieve pain. The machine is used to block pain signals from reaching the brain while mimicking the feelings of a massage. Using a TENS machine twice daily or whenever you feel pain can help alleviate painful symptoms and bring you one step closer to a pain-free life. Many individuals know using a TENS machine throughout the day works, but the burning question is to know whether you can use a TENS unit while sleeping.

Often times the pain experienced throughout the day doesn't subside at night. If you experience pain that makes falling asleep difficult, you may be wondering if you can feel the same pain-relief before bed as you do throughout the day. TENS can be beneficial as you fall asleep but there are a few important things you should consider.

Short answer:

Yes. In short, using a TENS machine while sleeping is doable.

tens unit while sleeping

Long answer:

Yes, but make sure you use an automatic timer. TENS units can be used for an extended period of time but the gel pads should be moved every 20 minutes to prevent skin irritation. If you fall asleep before setting an automatic timer, you could wake up with skin irritation and pain on the surface of the skin.

Apply the gel pads to the affected area and set the automatic timer for 20 minutes. Lay back and fall asleep. If the timer shuts off the unit before you have fallen asleep, feel free to relocate the pads onto a different affected area, reset the timer, and prepare to fall asleep.

Do your TENS units have an automatic timer?

Yes, all of our TENS units come equipped with an automatic timer. This includes the:

tens unit while sleeping

DR-HO'S Pain Therapy System

tens unit while sleeping

About the Automatic Timer

Before bed, simply set the timer, relax, and allow the system to work while you slowly find relief from your pain and fall asleep. When the timer expires, the machine will shut off on its own. The automatic timer also allows you to ensure that you are using the device for the right amount of time to get the best results possible.

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Before using a TENS machine in any capacity it's always important to consult with your doctor first to determine the solution best suited for your body.

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