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Foods You Should Eat as a Chronic Fatigue Sufferer

Part One of our two part series explores changes you can make to your diet to feel more energetic and examines food and drinks you can add to your diet. In Part two, we look at the foods you might be eating that are causing you to feel lethargic and tired. What we put into our bodies determines how sustainable our energy will be throughout the day. Putting in a few cups of coffee without any nutrient-rich foods will leave you temporarily energized and then crashing shortly after. If you have been wondering why you feel sluggish, slow, and lethargic, it could be as simple as looking at the food and drinks you are consuming every day. Put an end to being constantly fatigued and check out this list of energy-promoting food and drinks.

You Need...

  • Healthy Whole Grains

Don't give up on carbs! Carbohydrates allow our bodies to break down glucose and have fuel for the day. The key is choosing a sustainable carb over a processed carb. The longer the carb takes to digest, the more sustainable it will be throughout the day. These sustainable carbs include foods like oatmeal, whole grain bread, or quinoa.

  • Protein-Rich Greek Yogurt

A good source of protein helps to even further slow down digestion and provide sustainable energy. Waking up and having a bowl of Greek yogurt can provide you with 15-20 grams of protein in one serving. This is a great way to add a convenient source of protein to your morning routine.

  • Fresh Fruits

If you want to satisfy a sugar craving without a sugar crash, having a healthy serving of fruit is the perfect solution. Fruits provide you with carbohydrates (the good kind), Vitamin A, and Vitamin C. Add berries, bananas, or any fruit of your choice to the top of your morning yogurt and you are one step closer to getting the recommended two and a half cups of your daily recommended serving.

  • Fish and Fatty Acids

Different types of fish are an excellent addition to your diet because fish is low-fat, and can provide lean protein, omega 3 fatty acids, and iron. We should be consuming a recommended two servings of fish a week. Having the occasional sushi lunch could keep you energized (if you skip the 'all-you-can-eat').

  • Dark Leafy Vegetables

No one has ever told you to stop eating your vegetables, and for a good reason. Dark and leafy vegetables in particular are rich in minerals and nutrients like Vitamin A, Vitamin C, calcium, iron, fiber, and protein. Vegetables are easy to prepare, affordable, and the ultimate fuel for your body. Adding more vegetables to your diet will transform your energy levels for the better.

  • Refreshing Water

Even if you are receiving the proper nutrients from food, you can still feel sluggish and drained if you are dehydrated. Water helps carry nutrients to your cells and keeps the blood flowing more easily through the blood stream so your heart doesn't have to work extra hard to maintain circulation.

Wake Up and Eat Better Now

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