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Foods to Avoid as a Chronic Fatigue Sufferer

Part Two of our two part series examines the foods you might be eating that are causing you to feel lethargic and tired. In Part One we look at changes you can make to your diet to feel more energetic and examine food and drinks you can add to your diet. Often we choose foods because of their convenience or their delicious taste and ignore the fact that they are filling us with empty calories, not satisfying our hunger, and leaving us depleted of our energy.  If you have been wondering why you feel sluggish, weak, and lethargic, it could be as simple as looking at the food and drinks you are consuming every day. Put an end to being constantly fatigued and check out this list of energy-draining foods to avoid.

The Food Faux Pas...

  • Coffee-Overdose

Caffeine-rich drinks like coffee, energy drinks, or soda give you a burst of energy that can last up to an hour and a half. It is easy to see why a cup of coffee on-the-go is such an convenient choice for those of us that aren't morning people. However, drinks with large doses of caffeine are unsustainable and leave you dozing off at your desk by lunch-time. Stick to 200-300 milligrams of caffeine per day and try to stop your consumption around 2 p.m. so you can sleep when you need to.

  • Baked-Goods for Breakfast

Why is it that croissants, donuts, and muffins have become a breakfast staple for so many people? Eating these sweets for breakfast will leave you sluggish for hours, until you provide your body with the fiber, lean protein, or fruit that could fuel you long-term. Foods that are high in sugar trigger your body to release insulin. Amino acids are then removed from the blood, except for the acid tryptophan. Tryptophan is the same amino acid found in Turkey that leaves us lethargic after Thanksgiving dinner. So think twice before choosing that sugar-filled, carbohydrate-centric snack in the a.m.

  • White Bread Over Whole Grains

Whole grains and fiber in general can provide a steady stream of energy that leave you satisfied and vitalized for hours. White bread and other carbs however, have a high-glycemic index and a low fiber content, meaning they break down quickly in the body without sustaining you for a decent amount of time. If you're making a big decision in the bakery on your next grocery-run make sure to select a high-fiber carbohydrate alternative to white bread.

  • Starchy Potatoes

French fries, hash browns, baked potatoes, and mashed potatoes, are all mouth-watering food items that we have indulged in. Unfortunately, all of these tasty treats are starchy carbohydrates that contain the same amino acid trytophan that induces sleepy symptoms. French fries also contain saturated and trans fats, are high in calories, provide next to no nutritional value, and spike sodium levels. For these reasons, it's probably best to abandon french fries altogether.

  • Sleepy-Time Red Wine

Yes, alcohol has been known to induce drowsiness, but why is red wine especially sleep inducing? The grapes used to make this beverage actually contain melatonin, a hormone our body produces to sleep at night.  Unlike white wine, red wine is made with the skin of the grapes and has a larger content of this drowsy hormone. The amount of melatonin is not nearly as high as the amount in a 1mg melatonin pill,  but nonetheless, if you are looking to have a productive evening, don't start with a glass of red wine.

Wake Up and Eat Better Now

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