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In association with the National Post, we are pleased to present the fourth of several Patient Diaries where our customers have shared their stories in an interview with the National Post.


Each day is a challenge for Winnipeg’s Lesley-Ann Reutlinger, who suffers from fibromyalgia.

“Fibromyalgia is so unpredictable and frustrating,” says Reutlinger, 45. “I just don’t know where the pain will come from next.”

According to Statistics Canada, in 2010 more than 445,000 Canadians reported a diagnosis of fibromyalgia, compared to 390,000 in 2005. The ailment involves chronic widespread pain in the ligaments, tendons and muscles throughout the body.

Symptoms include sensitivity to pressure on muscles and tendons; chronic fatigue; sleep disruption; headaches; and difficulty concentrating. Depression and anxiety may result. Diagnosis can be difficult as there are no specific tests for fibromyalgia. Often physicians will request blood tests, X-rays or other tests to rule out conditions with similar symptoms.

Reutlinger first experienced symptoms over a decade ago. Initially lupus was believed to be the cause. It was a visit to a neurologist five years ago that resulted in the fibromyalgia diagnosis.

Michael Ho, doctor of chiropractic and acupuncture and founder of DrHoNow.com in Markham, Ont., says many patients come to him experiencing up to 18 pain points. Most are from headaches and pain in the neck, shoulders, upper arms, elbows, wrists, lower back, and legs, he says. “These painful areas are connected to nerve groups in the upper and lower neck. Impingement in these nerves can result in poor circulation and weakness in the muscles causing them to become tight, tender and sore.”

Sleep deprivation only adds to Reutlinger’s frustration with the illness. “Pain prevents me from sleeping through the night, then napping during the day further affects my ability to sleep properly. It creates a lot of stress and feelings of depression,” she says. Nine months ago her condition became so debilitating that she had to take disability leave from her work.

The body is a machine and the key to managing the pain is to improve its overall function, says Ho. “If you are experiencing chronic pain it will affect your ability to achieve REM sleep which is necessary for the cell division and protein synthesis that help the body to repair and restore itself both mentally and physically.”

Over the years Reutlinger has tried a number of pain management techniques including prescription drugs, chiropractic, massage therapy, warm baths and exercising. However, the unpredictable nature of fibromyalgia means that what works one day, won’t typically work the next, she says.

What has brought her consistent relief is regular exercise and Dr-Ho’s Pain Therapy System by DrHoNow. com, a Dr. Ho’s Wellness Products company, a professional T.E.N.S device that is also used by chiropractors and physiotherapists.

“I bought the Pain Therapy System about six months ago and couldn’t believe the difference it made,” she says. “I began using it daily for 20 minutes to release muscles and relieve stress. It has helped to ease the pain, especially in my feet and legs, and I’ve been able to reduce medication.”

Relaxing the muscles helps to release nerve impingement and improve circulation; gentle exercise helps to strengthen muscles. Both help relieve the pain, says Ho. “Once the pain is under control you are able to sleep better and feel more alert and alive.”


Click the following link to learn more about the treatment of fibromyalgia.

  • Cheryl Hosaki

    August 18, 2015 at 6:27 pm
    I'm purchasing one of Dr Ho's systems. Years ago my chiropractor in Markham - Dr Terry Quan used this therapy on me and it worked wonders. Unfortunately Dr Quan moved away and I haven't had the same kind of relief since. I'm hoping for the best because I'm now 57 with two grandsons 3 yrs old and 10 months and they love to keep Grandma busy but some days the pain all over my body is so bad it's hard to play and crawl on the floor. Just getting down on the floor is hard but getting back up is extremely difficult. My whole body seems to constantly hurt and is always stiff somewhere. Thank you Lesley-Ann for your recommendation this has definitely help me make up my mind and spend the money on purchasing Dr Ho's therapy system. Wish me luck and better days in the near future.
  • Sheryl

    September 26, 2015 at 3:13 am
    Hi, my name is Sheryl, I too have fibromyalgia and along with it I have RSD (reflex sympathetic dystrophy, also known as CRPS - Chronic Regional Pain Syndrome) in both legs from the hips to the bottom of my feet and in my left arm and I believe it has spread to the upper back area as well now. This all stem from having a back injury at work and two years later having a major back operation, that is considered a failed surgery! I seen Dr. Ho on HSN and done some research and found this website and after some extensive research I decided to order several of his products in hopes that I will regain some of my life back! I am so tired of hurting all the time, every day, every minute of the day without any relief! I have a dorsal column stimulator implanted in my body and it has never worked like it should since the beginning of the trial I went through, and on top of that I also have an intrathecal medication pump that delivers three different medications 24/7! And I cannot tell that it even works either! My pain level never, ever goes below and eight! And needless to say we won't even go into all of the oral medications as well. I found out about a year ago that the dorsal column stimulator has over 12 broken leads and is not working, not that it ever provided any relief to begin with. My husband had knee surgery and the technician gave him a TENS unit to use and after speaking with him he came back and gave me one as well and I do use it on occasion but it just doesn't seem to provide the relief I have gotten when I have gone to the chiropractor, so I have decided to try out Dr. Ho's professional TENS unit to see how it works and hopefully it will give me as good of results that "Leslie Ann" has gotten! I just want my life back! I go for days on end with absolutely no sleep until I just am a zombie and cannot go anymore and then I sleep for two days! As I said I did order the professional TENS unit from HSN and just received it and hopefully will be able to start using it tomorrow. I will be back to post how it goes, I have 30 days to use it until I have to return it if it does not work. Praying it does work and I will not have to return it! Thanks Dr. Ho for developing a product that so many of us can use! Hope you have a very blessed day! Sheryl

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