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  • When your back feels great, you feel like you can do everything. I've tried many products for my back but DR-HO'S Belt is truly different. I wear it for gardening, sitting at work. I wear it to the gym and even when I'm travelling. I can't remember the last time my back has felt this great. My daily activities are hard on my back but with DR-HO'S Belt, I get the support and the stretching my back needs every day. Thank you, Dr. Ho.


  • DR-HO'S Belt gives my back good relief. I just love it. With my work, I stand or sit a lot and when I get home, I'm bending and lifting, playing with my son. It's hard on my back. The belt is easy to use. You just pump it up and right away you can feel it supporting and stretching your back. It just feels so good on your back. I use it when I'm playing with my son, when I'm vacuuming, gardening and when I'm cooking or doing dishes. I say anyone with young children or having to do housework should be using the DR-HO'S Belt.


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