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Hear from the thousands that have tried the Pain Therapy System


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Meet William


"I use the massager on the lower part of by back and on my neck and shoulders because I find it relieves the pain, and I'm allowed to relax a lot and sleep better."




Meet Richard


"Nothing ever gave me constant relief that I could count on, and, instant relief. The difference now is that if I do sense anything coming on, I can immediately put on the device and I;m feeling good within minutes."



Meet Lori


"Once I got Dr. Ho's machine I was able to use it whenever I wanted. That freed up a lot of time. I was able to do it in my house. I work and have kids, I'm very busy and now I'm able to do something more often and feel better."




Meet Dr. David Brunarski


"I've been using Dr. Ho's TENS unit for a number of years in my practice to help patients recover from strains, sprains, whiplash injuries, fibromyalgia. They tell me that after they use the TENS untis at home they sleep better & recover faster. "




Meet Lucy


"My pain before Dr. Ho? I'd say it was quite extensive, like probably a 10. I use it for my pain on my knees, before surgery and after surgery. I also used it on my back before and after surgery to stimulate the muscles."




Meet Gunther


"Before I go to bed I use Dr. Ho's Massager. It takes the pain away so that when I go to bed I can lay down and have a good night sleep, and in the morning I can wake up and go for my walk."





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