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Hear from the thousands that have tried the Neck Comforter

Meet Mark


"I think I've gained a good thirty percent range of motion and I'm looking forward to going back out and playing golf because I think I'm going to be able to gain twenty more yards."



Meet Arnold


"This has helped completely relax me, then when I took it off my neck, I had more mobility, and I just felt more flexible for my neck and that. Because I always find that I'm always cracking my neck and my neck is always stiff and sore"



Meet Birthie


"Just in three minutes, I felt the warmth and power come back. I couldn't close  my hands this morning and I can make a fist now."




Meet Carole


"The Neck Comforter is exactly what it is, it's a Comforter and the pain that I had this morning is all gone in my arms, and I just feel great. I could probably fall asleep right here, I'm so relaxed."



Meet Elizabeth & Ingrid


"Trying the Neck Comforter, I could feel it stretched out my neck the way that my chiropractor does when he does traction on my neck and at first, I could feel it really resisting on my left side, but by the end of the fifteen minutes, it had stretched it out and it felt much more relaxed and my range of movement was much better."



Meet Fred


"I tend to sleep on my right side and my head is always resting on my arm and when I wake up in the morning, I'm usually quite sore. I tried the Neck Comforter and I find that it's improved the circulation. I'm not experiencing the pain and stiffness that I used to experience in the morning."



Meet Kristina


"Wearing the Neck Comforter today, it forced my neck up and my posture, my shoulders back and it really relieved a lot of the tension that I normally find my neck and the back of my shoulders."




Meet Lauraine


"And normally when I come home, I have to have long, hot showers, and try and talk my husband into giving me a neck massage to try and relax my knotted shoulders. But after using the Neck Comforter, I found that it was really, really good. "





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