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How DR-HO’S® Perfectback Rest Works

How DR-HO'S® Perfectback Rest Works

DR-HO'S Perfectback™ Rest is designed to support the spine’s natural curve for comfort and promote healthy posture. It uses 16 pressure point massagers to soothe achy muscles and improve your posture. It's adjustable and portable for you to use at your office chair, while you drive, and in the comfort of home. Prolonged sitting can be stressful and harmful for your body - especially if your spine isn't supported properly. You place extra strain on your muscles and impede chest capacity, breathing, and your circulation. A compressed abdominal cavity can put pressure on the internal organs, thus harming your health.


Restores natural curvature of the spine

DR-HO’S Perfectback Rest is a spinal orthotic that helps to guide your spine back into its natural alignment so that you can sit in an upright and balanced position. Designers and engineers who have very little knowledge about spinal biomechanics and spinal health create the backs and seating areas of these modern chairs. As a result, most backs of modern chairs do not fit the natural curvature of your spine. This misfit between your spine and the back of your chair can cause mechanical stress on your body, resulting in musculoskeletal strain and pain over time. The details and the measurements for the curvature of the Perfectback Rest are derived from physical examinations and X-Ray studies of thousands of patients suffering from back pain. The Perfectback Rest is designed to fit people of different sizes and heights. When you sit against the Perfectback Rest, regardless of your size and height, it will feel right. By strapping the Perfectback Rest onto your chair, you will have a backrest that is designed to support and restore the healthy, natural curvature of your spine.


Reduces tendency to slouch

With the advancement of technology, our lifestyle and work related activities have changed dramatically over time. With today’s frequent use of computers, mobile smart devices and the automobile, most of us are sitting for hours every day. Studies have shown that sitting with bad posture with your head carried forward and your lumbar spine in a flat alordotic curve can cause strain on the joints and muscles of the neck, shoulder and lower back. When the lumbar spine is not supported properly, it will lose its natural lordosis curvature. With the slightly forward arch becoming flat and slumped, this will cause a harmful compression force on the lumbar discs and subsequent irritation of spinal nerves. Sitting slumped can cause severe back pain with sciatica pain shooting down the hips and legs. DR-HO’S Perfectback Rest will help to reduce your tendency to slouch and to promote sitting in good posture to reduce strain and pain on your neck, shoulders and lower back.


Reduces strain and pain on neck, shoulders, & lower back

Realigning the spine using DR-HO’S Perfectback Rest helps to reduce the muscle tension and pressure on your spinal joints and discs, which cause strain and soreness in the neck, shoulders, and lower back. Poor posture during extended periods of sitting can leave you feeling sore and tense. We recommend the use of the Air Wave Cushion together with the Perfectback Rest to provide the firm support needed so your back can fit the shape of the backrest. The Air Wave Cushion further supports the lower back to ensure the sore and achy feeling that results from using traditional chairs.


Reduces pressure point under buttocks, hips, and back of the legs

Another problem with most modern chairs and car seats is that the seating area is too soft and offers poor support for your hips and buttocks; as a result, this can cause further slumping of your bad posture and more aches and pains in your neck, shoulders and lower back. DR-HO’S Perfectback Rest and the Air Wave Cushion will provide a firm but self contouring support for your hips and buttocks to reduce your tendency to sink into your chair. It allows you to sit in comfort and reduce pressure points built up under your buttocks, hips and the back of your legs.


Allows for a gentle massage

Having studied Acupuncture and massage, Dr. Ho has incorporated 16 pressure point massage knobs onto the Perfectback Rest design. These 16 pressure point massager knobs are positioned to match the position of the Acupuncture points along the spine. Leaning against these pressure point massage knobs can help to reduce muscle tension and promote energy flow along the spine.



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