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Find the right pain management device for you.

Looking for pain management options but don’t know where to start? You’re in the right place. DR-HO’S drug-free pain relief techniques can help you manage full-body pain effectively; from a headache, all the way down to foot pain and everything in between. Learning about pain management and exactly how the technology in DR-HO’S devices work can empower you with the knowledge you need to find the device that's right for your pain.

There’s no need to spend any more time researching ways to treat and manage your pain; we’ve compiled DR-HO’S drug-free pain relief techniques and their corresponding devices so you can find pain management options that work for you.

TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation)

TENS therapy is a clinically-tested pain management alternative to harsh drugs and invasive treatments — ideal for acute and chronic pain sufferers alike. This analgesic therapy works to relieve pain with safe and low-level pulses of electric currents conducted through adhesive gel pads on specific parts of the body. The electric current floods the nervous system and“blocks” pain signals from registering in the brain.

What sets DR-HO’S TENS devices apart from others on the market? TENS devices work in conjunction with other techniques including EMS and AMP. Find these technologies in devices including the Neck Pain Pro, the Pain Therapy System Pro and the Circulation Promoter. Read on to learn more about these drug-free pain relief techniques.

Find TENS, EMS and AMP technology in DR-HO'S Devices

neck pain pro device drug-free pain relief techniques


EMS (Electrical Muscle Stimulation)

Electrical Muscle Stimulation works in conjunction with TENS and AMP techniques; specifically, this technology targets muscle tissue. Similarly to TENS, EMS devices use low-level, gentle electrical impulses to target desired parts of the body. Strengthen and tone muscles to prevent pain with contracting and relaxing stimulation found in EMS devices. Over time and with repeated use, EMS devices can help decrease inflammation, improve blood circulation and increase your range of motion in targeted areas. This type of therapy is also ideal pre- and post-workout to both prevent and manage muscle aches and pains.

pain therapy system drug-free pain relief techniques


AMP (Auto-Modulating Pulse)

DR-HO'S proprietary auto-modulating pain-relieving wave technology works hand-in-hand with TENS and EMS devices to allow your pain management device to continue being effective in the long-term. This may sound complicated, but not to worry; the way that this drug-free pain relief technique works is simple yet powerful. AMP waves change the TENS stimulation at random with 12 different treatments, keeping the nervous system from getting used to the electrical signals and no longer being effective. This innovative combination of pain-relieving techniques makes DR-HO’S devices unique and continuously effective over time.

Find TENS, EMS and AMP technology in DR-HO'S Devices

circulation promoter


Spinal Decompression Therapy

Spinal decompression therapy uses motorized or manual traction to elongate and gently stretch the spine. This can help manage back pain as it relieves the pressure put on herniated or bulging discs in the spine and other surrounding tissues as well, including muscles and nerves. When this pressure and compression are relieved from the spine, there's more room for water, oxygen, blood and other nutrients to flow to the discs to help promote the body's natural healing processes. Over time, spinal traction and decompression therapy can not only help to ease muscle stiffness and spinal pressure, but it can also promote better flexibility and strengthen your back muscles, making these therapy devices an ideal choice for your long-term, back pain relief routine.

Find Spinal Traction and Decompression Therapy in DR-HO’S devices

back decompression belt drug-free pain relief techniques


Percussion Therapy

Percussion Therapy is the newest addition to DR-HO'S lineup of drug-free pain relief techniques, found in the all-new Percussion Massager. Easily use this therapy device at home — the percussion massager provides a deep-tissue massage without having to see a masseuse. Quick and repetitive pulse stimulation targets your cramps, tension and spasms precisely and helps improve blood flow; this increased circulation and oxygenation can help accelerate the body's natural healing process, especially after exercise and other physical activity. Additionally, customize this therapy by changing the speed and pressure settings to suit your specific pain management needs.

Find Percussion Therapy in DR-HO’S devices

percussion massager


Core and Lumbar Support

Lumbar support is an important part of lower back pain management; this back pain relief technique gently stretches out the lower spine to relieve pressure from surrounding discs, muscles and nerves. Feel the benefits of improved circulation and allow your spine to sit in a more ergonomically correct position. Core and Lumbar Support devices help promote better overall posture by encouraging the spine to be positioned upright, allowing you to do daily tasks and other activities with some extra help. Use Core and Lumbar Support devices to practice ergonomic spine positioning and manage your back pain better over time.

Find Core and Lumbar Support in DR-HO’S devices

neck pain pro drug-free pain relief techniques


Get back to doing the things you love and stop letting pain get in the way.

We take pride in being able to have a meaningful impact on your life. After all, DR.HO’S pain-relieving devices are more than just tools to help you manage your pain; they can be a part of a routine that allows you to live a healthier, more active life without pain.

Learn more about DR-HO'S pain-relieving devices and start managing your pain from home today. Start feeling pain relief in as little as 20-minutes of use and get back to doing the things you love sooner.


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