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3 Ways DR-HO’S Circulation Promoter Can Help With Poor Circulation

February 27, 2020 in Circulation

What is Poor Circulation?

Our body’s circulatory system is responsible for circulating blood, oxygen and nutrients throughout the entire body. These things can help reduce inflammation, heal damaged tissue and help our bodies avoid pain naturally.  For those who suffer from poor circulation, their bodies have difficulty circulating these essential nutrients where they need to go. Poor circulation can also result in: 

  • Numbness/Tingling
  • Coldness
  • Swelling
  • Fatigue
  • Pain/Cramping in the muscles and joints 

poor circulation

What is The Circulation Promoter? 

DR-HO’S Circulation Promoter is a device that works to relieve pain and improve circulation from the bottom, up. It can also help to reduce swelling and relieve pain, tension and stiffness specifically in the legs and feet. The machine is powered by DR-HO’S Pain Therapy System, a TENS and EMS device that is used to stimulate the muscles and nerves in the soles of the feet while also blocking pain signals from registering in the brain.

What is TENS?

Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) is a safe, low-voltage electrical current that reaches the body through adhesive massage pads or through footpads. Therefore, by placing the feet on the footpads, electrical stimulations travel through nerve fibres in order to prevent pain signals from reaching the brain. Essentially, the stimulation helps to distract the nervous system away from registering pain and discomfort. 

What is EMS?

Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS) is used to massage and stimulate the muscles to help promote circulation and reduce muscle inactivity. When placing the feet on the footpads, the stimulation helps the muscles contract and release. This deep, penetrating massage can help ease swelling, inflammation, tension and soreness. More importantly, EMS stimulates is a proven way to improve circulation. 

Introducing: DR-HO'S AMP Technology For Effective Pain Relief

Most TENS machines offer a single mode of stimulation which may work at first, but eventually, the body's nervous system will adapt to TENS stimulation and continue to send pain signals. The Circulation Promoter uses wave patterns and frequencies that automatically change to provide the type of powerful stimulation the body cannot adapt to. These auto-modulating waves are the key difference between DR-HO’S pain relief products and similar TENS devices on the market.


DR-HO'S Circulation Promoter

How Does the Circulation Promoter Help with Poor Circulation?

The Circulation Promoter works to promote blood flow from the feet to the rest of the body to improve circulation from those suffering from: 

  • Diabetic Neuropathy
  • Nerve Damage
  • Swelling
  • Aching Feet and Legs
  • Chronic Pain

And the best part? The Circulation Promoter is a drug-free, non-invasive way to relieve pain. It's a fully portable, battery-powered device that you can use from the comfort of home or on the go.

Before starting with DR-HO’S Circulation Promoter it’s important to understand the device’s features and understand how it can help with poor circulation. Here are three ways DR-HO’S Circulation Promoter Can Help with Poor Circulation: 

1. The Circulation Promoter Helps Increase Poor Circulation to Prevent Blood Clotting

Poor circulation is a common side effect to those who suffer from blood clots. A blood clot can occur in any part of the body that essentially blocks blood from flowing properly. Consequently, those who suffer from diabetes are more prone to blood clots because diabetes can affect the ability of blood vessels to transport nutrients throughout the body effectively. 

Using The Circulation Promoter regularly can help promote and increase blood flow in the legs and feet to prevent blood clotting and unpleasant poor circulation symptoms. The Pain Therapy System technology used with the Circulation Promoter “exercises” and stimulates the muscles to help treat poor circulation symptoms like pain, swelling, numbness and discomfort. 

help poor circulation

2. It Massages and Excites the Nerves in the Feet to Help Improve Blood Flow 

Diabetic Neuropathy is a very common complication in the feet and lower limbs, associated with diabetes. High blood sugar injures the nerve fibres throughout the body, as these levels interfere with the ability of the nerves to properly transmit signals to the rest of the body. This poor transmission signal can result in a decreased blood flow to the feet and legs and other areas of the body causing poor circulation. 

By using TENS, EMS and Auto Modulating Pulse therapy regularly, the Circulation Promoter can help to stimulate and excite the nerves in the feet and lower limbs with regular use. More importantly, the AMP technology constantly changes the stimulation in the feet so the body won’t adapt to the stimulation and will continue to improve circulation. With frequent use, those who suffer from issues like Diabetic Neuropathy can help to gradually improve nerve function and poor circulation. 

3. DR-HO’S Circulation Promoter Helps Improve Full-Body Circulation 

Regardless of where you're dealing with symptoms of poor circulation, the Circulation Promoter works to improve circulation throughout the entire body, not just in the feet and legs. 

The device works to massage and stimulates the feet to promote circulation to the entire body from the bottom up. Starting at the feet, the machine contracts and releases the lower limb muscles. This action helps pump collected fluid to the rest of the body encouraging blood flow upwards and helping improve circulation and muscle oxygenation to areas in need. These actions can help increase blood flow while also reducing swelling.

circulation promoter

Find Out How the Circulation Promoter Can Help With Your Poor Circulation

Whether you suffer from diabetes, blood clotting, nerve damage, chronic pain or simply poor circulation issues. DR-HO’S Circulation Promoter can help you find relief and increase circulation throughout your body. This product is a drug-free, non-invasive device that can be used from the comfort of your own home. Its ultimate goal is to help bring you one step closer to a pain-free day. 

Other key features of the Circulation Promoter include: 

  • Adaptable for Full Body Treatment
  • Automatic Timer
  • 12 Different Massage Techniques
  • Super Conductive Foot Platform


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