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how seasonal changes affect chronic pain

Eveline Pang from Cachet Rehabilitation Aurora joins Kathe to explain how seasonal changes can affect chronic pain. With the weather getting colder, many pain sufferers report increased pain and stiffness in their joints and muscles. Cold weather can cause our bodies to tighten up, which limits our range of motion and causes chronic pain to flare up. Watch this video to learn how to better manage your pain in colder conditions. With these tips, pain sufferers can go on with their daily activities throughout the fall and winter months.

Transcript: How Seasonal Changes Affect Chronic Pain

Kathe: Hi everyone, welcome back to Dr. Ho's Healthy Living vlog. We are outdoors today, enjoying the beautiful fall colors. I've got Eveline Pang from Cachet Rehab Aurora with me.

Kathe: Now, Eveline, one of the great things about being outside this time of year is that it's really beautiful. But, as the weather gets colder, I know I certainly notice a lot more aches and pains in my body. Is this something you're seeing a lot in your practice?

Eveline Pang: Absolutely. A lot of my patients come in this time of the year complaining of stiffer joints, stiffer muscles. Feeling that they have lost their range of motion. More pain. And so it's all to do with this weather change, and the pressure in the air, the cold weather making our joints stiffer.

Eveline Pang: So, what to do with it is that oftentimes you'll want to heat it up if it's not swollen. So, heating it up using either a heat pack, or extra sizing. So, extra sizing will help to keep your joints lubricated, your muscles warmed up, so you can still go out with your daily activities. You're not going to hurt yourself when your muscles and your body is all warmed up. So, that's how you protect yourself and prevent injuries.

Kathe: Okay, that's great. So, let's say we're outside going for a walk. I know that's one form of exercise we can do while we're enjoying the weather. What is something else that we do to stay warm and to keep moving?

Eveline Pang: So, in the morning, or when you're about here enjoying the weather, you can do some exercise. For example very simple, you can even do something like this, rotating your wrists.

Kathe: I can do this.

Eveline Pang: Great.

Eveline Pang: And then bending your elbows. Lifting it up. You can combine everything together with your fingers opening up. And also moving your neck side to side. Turning. Just make sure you start off gentle, and then you progress a little bit further as your body warms up. And then you can also of course enjoy this weather by walking. Walking is the greatest thing, and you combine everything together into your routine. And you have to do it daily. And best to do it in the morning so your body is all warmed up and ready for your day to go.

Kathe: That is a great tip. Okay, Eveline thank you so much for educating us on yes we can still enjoy movement, we can go out and enjoy the outdoors. We just need to warm up first.

Kathe: So, shall we go take a walk?

Eveline Pang: Yes, let's go.

Kathe: All right, bye everyone, we'll see you next time.

Kathe: We'll do the arms?

Eveline Pang: Yeah.

Eveline Pang: And then maybe high knees.

Kathe: All right, here we go.

how seasonal changes affect chronic pain

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