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How Chronic Pain Sufferers Can Get Back Their Energy.

July 16, 2018 in Energy

Is your pain zapping your energy?

You're not alone. Chronic pain sufferers report feeling less energy throughout the day, more brain fog, difficulty concentrating, and a hard time sleeping at night. You can't participate in life to your fullest when you simply don't have the energy! These tips are scientifically proven to help boost your energy throughout the day.

1. Don't hit snooze.

Your body is smart and it prepares itself to wake up in the morning. When you wake up from your alarm and hit snooze, you confuse your body into thinking you're going back into a deep sleep. When the alarm goes off again, your body enters a groggy state called sleep inertia. Sleep inertia can actually last for two to four hours! You'll feel more energized for hours to come if you get out of bed right away.

2. Start your day with oatmeal.

Having oatmeal for breakfast will provide you with sustainable energy throughout the day. Oatmeal is rich in fiber, which takes a long time to digest. Melinda Johnson, RD, director of the didactic program in dietetics at Arizona State University in Phoenix, and president-elect of the Arizona Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, explains that fiber can provide stable blood-sugar levels, This means you'll feel energized and focused without a need for a quick fix like caffeine.

3. Hit the gym.

Exercise increases endorphins (feel-good brain chemicals), sharpens your focus, improves sleep, boosts cardiovascular health, and boosts your mood. When you feel low in energy, a workout is actually the fastest and healthiest way to reclaim your day.

4. Take a nap.

Sometimes, we're simply exhausted and need a nap. Research shows a nap—defined as daytime sleeping that lasts between 15 and 90 minutes—can improve brain functions ranging from memory to focus and creativity.

5. Snack on almonds throughout the day.

Almonds contain nutrients, like magnesium and B vitamins, that help convert food to energy. When you choose almonds as your snack, your body can more easily convert the meals you're eating into useable energy.

6. Cut down your sugar intake.

If you've ever felt a "sugar-high", you've also felt a "sugar-crash". Energy from refined sugar is not a healthy solution to increasing energy. The longer your body takes to metabolize sugar, the more sustainable your energy will be. Carbohydrates are processed faster than proteins and fats. This means balancing your micro-nutrients will allow for more sustainable energy sources. Make sure you steer clear from processed sugars. The body derives glucose fastest from fructose, typically within 15 minutes, meaning it will provide the most intense crash.

Reclaim your energy, reclaim your life.

If you can get your energy back, you can make use of your day (and enjoy it). The steps above can improve your physical and mental health long-term. Don't reach for that quick caffeine or sugar fix, start developing healthy habits that will serve you for years to come.

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