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How to Correct Poor Posture and Alleviate Pain

November 01, 2017 in Back Pain

Thank you to Dr. Dawn Burt & Dr. Mailie Harris from The Chiropractic Wellness Studio for showing us how to adjust our common posture faux pas.

What is Anterior Head Carriage?

With the presence of smart phones, desktops, laptops, and tablets, we are spending more time than ever, hunched over in a position of poor posture that is putting us in pain. This hunched over position in which the head juts out, is called anterior head carriage.

The natural position for proper posture is when the ears are in line with the shoulders. When the weight of the head is positioned too far forward or angled downward, pain will occur. Hunching over causes the tightening of the chest and the weakening of the upper back.

How Can We Alleviate Pain From Poor Posture?

When poor posture is maintained over a long period of time, the weak and tight muscles begin to feel strained and can manifest in the form of spasms, neck pain, shoulder pain, and tension headaches.

Try the simple movements from our new video at home to stretch out existing pain and continue to remain conscious of your posture every day to ensure you are not hunching over.

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