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The Impact of Orthotics on Back Health

July 05, 2017 in Back Pain

fibromyalgia tender points

DR-HO'S Anti-Pressure Insoles

DR-HO'S Anti-Pressure insoles.

DR-HO'S Anti-Pressure Insoles

Walk Your Way to Better Health

Are you on your feet throughout the day? Do you have a limp, damage to your feet, numbness, or any other condition that impacts the alignment of your walking? Foot orthotics are specially designed to address the kinetic alignment of the body to reduce pain. Make every step a comfortable one and watch your entire boy thank you as a result.

Foot Insoles and Back Health

Foot orthotics help realign how the feet walk, which helps realign the overall posture of the body. Walking with the wrong shoes or without support can destabilize the spine and contribute to pain in the feet, legs, knees, hips, and lower back. Using foot orthotics helps to:

  • Prevent foot pronation
  • Stabilize feet
  • Stabilize pelvis
  • Align knees
  • Balance hips
  • Balance lower back and spinal column

Research Supports Orthotics

A recent study in 2013 tested over 50 participants over a four week period. One group used orthotic foot support and the other used a placebo. The group using orthotics showed significant improvement in pain and disability compared to the group without orthotics.

Could You Benefit From Insoles?

There are several common foot problems that can lead to irregular posture, an off-balance walking pattern, improper spinal alignment, and back pain. You could benefit from foot orthotics if you suffer from:

  • Plantar fasciitis (heel pain and arch pain)
  • Numbness in foot
  • Bunions
  • Foot pronation (rolling in)
  • Supination (rolling out)

Back Pain Without Foot Pain

If you experience back pain without the above symptoms or without any form of foot pain, foot orthotics may not be helpful to your condition. Your poor posture or lumbar pain could be better treated with a back device such as The Perfectback Rest of the Back Relief Decompression Belt.


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fibromyalgia tender points

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