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Don't drop your resolutions by February. Here are six essential tips, tricks, and wise words that will ensure you stay on track to completing this year's healthy lifestyle goals before the next countdown begins.

1. This is a marathon not a sprint

The beginning of January arrives and boy are we ready to turn things around. It's easy to break out the fastest acting detox program, set unrealistic expectations for ourselves, feel disappointed, and drop our resolutions prematurely. The key is to start slow, choose a long and sustainable detox program to flush out a year's worth of toxins, and be patient with your body. You didn't put on 15-30 lbs in a week and you won't lose it in a week either.

A group of runners in a marathon.

2. We are creatures of habit

Old habits die hard. We settle into the routines that we have been repeating all year. Making big changes means changing the little things you do every day. Select the top 3 small changes you will make each day. Start taking the stairs and skip the elevator, premake meals for the week instead of hitting the drive thru, be in bed and wake up an hour earlier than usual. It's the little things.

A woman eating a freshly-made salad.

3. Support systems create accountability

We're in this together. Select a reliable person you can elect as your resolution sponsor. When you feel discouraged or need motivation, give them a call. Choose someone you trust and who can provide you with sound advice. Select a few other trusted friends or family members to lean on when you need additional support.

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4. Results are about more than losing Lbs

Don't let your resolution be a number. Losing weight can be great incentive for changing up your lifestyle but it isn't enough. Living a healthy life is about more than the lbs. Think about more energy, softer skin, thicker hair, faster metabolism, better mental health, stronger immune system, the ability to participate in physical activities, greater confidence levels, and a better, longer life. Write down 10 ways your life would be changed if you committed to a healthier lifestyle (and don't include the scale).

A pair of feet standing on a scale.

5. Daily reminders are motivation

Don't forget why this matters. Once you write down your goals, your sponsors, and your desired results, make sure to post and then repost them everyday. Post a few sticky notes on the mirror, on the fridge, at your work desk, or on your clock. Wake up to your goals and review how you worked towards them at the end of every day.

Post-It Notes arranged on a table.

6. Discipline outlasts motivation

The author of The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People Stephen Covey said that: “Only the disciplined are truly free. The undisciplined are slaves to moods, appetites, and passions.”  Motivation is necessary but fleeting. Motivation is rooted in the emotions. Discipline is about regulating behaviour in order to do the right thing. Commit to your goals tirelessly when your motivation is lacking. Discipline gets stronger with practice and then so do you.

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Where do I start?

Start with a 90-day detox program that can rid your body of the built-up toxins and waste that are slowing you down. This 3-stage process can detoxify, cleanse, and regulate your digestive system. The program rids you of unpleasant symptoms like bloating, gas, irregularity, constipation, diarrhea, cramping, and sluggishness. This is your fresh start. A cleanse that focuses on long-term results can start you on the right track to a healthier life. Learn more about how this digestive cleanse will change your year.

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