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Low Energy?

We have a gastrointestinal health crisis on our hands (or should I say in our digestive systems). Refined, processed, low-fiber foods, a lack of exercise, and a lot of stress have led our bodies into a sluggish and slow state of digestion. Unfortunately, many people believe cleanses can only have an effect on fecal matter, or no effect whatsoever. Some cleanses leave people fasting, sluggish, nutrient-deficient, and unsatisfied with the results. An effective cleanse can do much more. A cleansing program can help:

  • Remove built up toxins
  • Strengthen the colon
  • Repair damage from inflammation
  • Eliminate abnormal growths or bacteria
  • Rebuild healthy bacteria.

DR-HO'S® Digestive Cleanse is not only effective but 100% natural! Learn more below.

DR-HO'S® 30-Day & 90-Day Digestive Cleanse

A cleanse should have a program in place that addresses three major digestive needs: the need to detoxify, the need to cleanse, and the need to regulate. The 30-Day and 90-Day Digestive Cleanses were formulated to be strong enough to flush out built up fecal matter, mucoid plaques, toxins, poisons, and heavy metal residues like mercury and lead but gentle enough to double as a cleansing, soothing, and healing blend for the entire gastro-intestinal system. This involves a three-step, comprehensive program.

1. Detoxify

DR-HO'S® Digestive Detoxifier are natural supplements in a capsule form that function as a colon corrector. The supplement is an antibacterial, antiviral, and anti-fungal blend of herbs and can relieve symptoms, ward off infections, and increase immunity. The result of the detoxifier is a more balanced intestinal flora.
DR-HO'S Digestive Detoxifier

2. Cleanse

DR-HO'S® Digestive Cleanser is a complete fiber formula in the form of a delicious banana flavoured powder. After you have mixed one scoop of the formula into a smoothie or glass of water, the mixture will move through the digestive tract, bind to waste, and cleanse the intestines by means of a regular, well-formed bowel movement.

DR-HO'S Digestive Cleanser

3. Regulate

DR-HO'S® Cleansing Sereni-Tea is the final stage in the three-stage process to a better functioning digestive system. This herbal tea contains ingredients that calm the parasympathetic nervous system. The result is a calm restful state, a lower stress response, and a regular process of digestion. The tea is recommended before bed due to its sleep-inducing properties.

DR-HO'S Cleansing Sereni-Tea

What to Expect from Your Cleanse

The DR-HO'S® cleanse does not require fasting. During the 30-day and 90-day cleanse we recommend you consume well-balanced meals that are rich in dark leafy green vegetables, fibrous foods, whole grains, protein and essential fats. During the cleanse we also recommend you avoid high quantities of refined foods, processed foods, and foods high in sugar. After following the cleanse for a week's time you should begin to see a reduction in unpleasant symptoms. After the entirety of your cleanse you should expect:

• Healthy, well formed, regular bowel movements
• Cleansing of environmental toxins
• Less bloating through intestinal gas reduction
• The reduction of constipation, diarrhea and cramps
• Less passing of gas
• Restful sleeps
• Higher energy levels
• A healthier digestive flora

Customer Story

"I have tried several products before to detoxify and cleanse my digestive system, but have seen no results. However, I decided to try DR-HO'S and a reverse effect occurred. I began to experience great benefits. My body felt much lighter and energized. I make frequent trips to the washroom, which is a sign of good health. The benefits I received were so great that I recommended the product to a lot of people already." Millicent, Brampton ON

Watch Jovana's Cleanse

Cleanse the Right Way

Participating in a detox that works can promote healthy bacteria, flush out toxins, reduce inflammation, boost immunity, and calm unpleasant symptoms that result from indigestion. Participating in an ineffective detox can leave you drained of energy, experiencing mood-swings, short-term results, and even worsened symptoms. If you are participating in the DR-HO'S cleanse for the first time, start with the 90-day Digestive Cleanse in order to allow the digestive toxins to be flushed out for the first time in its entirety. Learn more about the DR-HO'S 30-day Digestive Cleanse and 90-day Digestive Cleanse and start feeling better in 1, 2, 3.

DR-HO'S 30-Day Detox

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