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The Scary Source of Chronic Pain

Halloween is fast approaching and one of the highlights of the season includes dipping into your kid's bag of candy for a treat or two. Allowing yourself the occasional trick or treat is generally harmless, however, the consumption of large amounts of refined sugar has been recently tied to a spike in unpleasant and painful symptoms. Sugar is known for its link to diabetes, obesity, and heart disease, but has now been found to promote inflammation and cause unwanted symptoms to flare up in chronic pain sufferers.

The Silent Killer

Refined sugar can often be called "empty calories", due to the high-caloric intake and ZERO essential nutrients provided. Refined sugar provides your body with no proteins, no essential fats, and no vitamins, or minerals, just short-term energy that results in a long-term crash. For a long period of time we were sure that saturated fats were to blame for heart disease... recent studies have found otherwise. It turns out, sugar may be one of the leading drivers of heart disease due to the harmful effects of fructose on the body's metabolism. Heart disease takes a #1 place as the top killer in the world. Sugar is killing us. And before it succeeds, it is making sure that we are in pain.

The Monster of Inflammation

There is now a solid link between a high sugar consumption and increased inflammation. The spike in blood sugar levels lead to inflammation, which causes pain, and often results in the need for anti-inflammatory drugs like ibuprofen. The human body is capable of naturally regulating inflammation, but has a harder time doing so when it has consumed foods that spike its blood sugar levels. Doctors recommend foods with a low-glycemic index for sufferers of painful ailments such as arthritis.

The Serial Eater

Doctors and researchers have found sugar to have addictive properties. When you consume sugar, there is a release of dopamine in the reward center of the bran. Individuals end up running to the pantry to feel another rush of satisfying dopamine and end up in a cycle of sugar addiction. Maybe this is why it's so hard to simply have one cookie from the jar. Our bodies are prone to cravings because of the chemical effect of sugar on the brain. One of the only ways to prevent this form of addiction is by cutting out refined sugars and swapping for sweet and natural sugars like the kind found in fruits. Try re-imagining your recipes using pure maple syrup or raw and unrefined honey.

Don't Be Afraid to Cut Out Sugar

It sounds like a scary concept. We have gone so many years craving, baking, eating, binging, resenting, and enjoying the refined sugars in our diet. It has become a complicated relationship that is hard to let go of. We don't have to give up the sweet taste of sugar all together! Replacing refined sugars with natural sugars can leave you feeling energized, refreshed, with a faster metabolism, lower body fat, healthier heart, and brighter mood. Say goodbye to those sugar crashes and constant cravings. Most importantly, say goodbye to the flare ups of your painful symptoms as a result of your diet. Download DR-HO'S Guide to Understanding Pain to read why your diet is so important in treating unpleasant symptoms.


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