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Relaxing the Pain Away

Pain can result in unwanted tension and stress that you end up carrying around throughout the day. The more pain you hold onto without relief, the more the pain builds over time. Sometimes it is important for us to take a break from our hectic lives and unwind in order to alleviate our bodies of this built up stress. One of the most enjoyable ways to do this is by means of self-care and therapy such as massage, spa-getaways, or vacation retreats. Although massage therapy and spa retreats can be effective, they can also be costly and time consuming. Create your own at-home spa in order to de-stress on your schedule and in your own home.

1. Set the Scene

Even if you have the soothing sound of a Spotify nature track carrying the audio of a tropical rainstorm into your living room, opening your eyes to a room filled with your kid's toys or last night's dinner might not leave you feeling very zen. First clean a room of its visible clutter, light several candles, and get that playlist rolling, to allow your house to really look and feel like a sanctuary. We aren't suggesting you go splurge on a massage table and a personal masseuse but feel free to set the scene with an environment that has you feeling calm and ready to unwind.

2.  Disconnect

It is hard to be focusing on inner peace when your phone is buzzing and your email inbox is within site. Allow yourself time to abandon technology and even try to find a window of time where you will have uninterrupted privacy. Without kids, without your spouse, and without your time spent staring at the TV or your computer screen. Relaxing means temporarily releasing the responsibilities and the stressors of your daily life.

3. Bath Time

Having a bath can be one of the most calming, spa-like experiences that is often overlooked and underrated. Turn your bathroom into an oasis with bath bombs, bubbles, a cup of de-caf tea, and a soothing soundtrack. Hot baths are also recommended for painful and aching muscles. Ensure that the water is not too hot, keep your head cool, and engage in light stretching of the muscles from your seated position. Enjoy your own personal hydrotherapy and emerge more relaxed and refreshed.

4. Massage

No masseuse necessary. You can engage in both self-massage and mechanical massage at home. DR-HO'S Neck & Shoulder Shiatsu Massager combines both massage and heat therapy to leave your neck and shoulder muscles feeling relaxed, increase your range of motion, and rid you of tensity and stress. You simply place the velvet coated device around your neck and select a mode of your choice. Adding the sensation of heat is a bonus for aching muscles. The massager acts as your own personal masseuse, but you don't need to book an appointment to feel instant relief.

5. Have a Spa-like Sleep

Spas are great, but they rarely let you fall asleep on the massage table and call it a night. Having your spa experience at home also allows you to carry your tranquility into a restful night's sleep. Use your DR-HO'S Neck & Shoulder Shiatsu Massager before bed and feel yourself sink into sleep. If you suffer from insomnia, a scattered mind, or any form of anxiety, having a full day to calm the chatter of your brain and relax the muscles in your body can have even better results than taking a sleeping pill for a quick fix.

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