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How the Arthritis Foundation Plans to Cure Arthritis

September 16, 2016 in Joint Pain, Arthritis

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Creating A Better World in 1...2...3...

The Arthritis Foundation composed a Scientific Strategy that reveals the goals for 2015-2020 to improve lives by means of prevention, control, and finally a cure for arthritis and related diseases. The Arthritis Foundation recognizes that, "scientific and technological advances are progressing at an increasingly rapid rate, making it possible to speed up the process of finding a cure." The goals to accomplish this task are divided into three essential pillars. Each pillar is designed to accelerate the process of finding a cure.

1. Delivering On Discovery

This goal focuses on making scientific discoveries available to the people more quickly. This means that no matter what stage of scientific discovery research is in, the knowledge that has been generated will be translated into products at a faster rate. Spending years and even decades conducting studies and gathering information is not helpful until it is transformed into a solution to either prevent, treat, or cure a disorder. This goal hopes to turn discovery into products, tools, and technologies for diagnostics, interventions, and ultimately a cure.

2. Decision Making With Metrics

Metrics are measurements used to organize which efforts should be prioritized when searching for a cure. It involves following trends, information, and patterns over time, as well as measuring this information after it has been collected. The Arthritis Foundation is collaborating with Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in order to update existing facts while simultaneously finding new information. The facts help measure the impact of arthritis and help guide actions for the improvement of the health and well-being of arthritis sufferers.

3. Building Human Capital

This final step is about creating a team of educated and determined researchers and scientists to follow the three pillars and sustain the scientific process over time. The pipeline will be strengthened by recruiting skillful trainees, implementing intensive training programs, and evaluating the programs on a regular basis. Great people lead to great success, and the Arthritis Foundation know the importance of having a dedicated team.

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Creating A Better World For You Right Now

It is evident that the Arthritis Foundation is actively searching to make the lives of arthritis sufferers better through the prevention, treatment, and cure of arthritis and related diseases. A huge portion of the human population are living with arthritis, including more that one in every five adults in the U.S. alone. The Arthritis Foundation recognizes that funding is an investment, not a gift, and this funding will be directed wisely towards scientific discovery. Despite these intensive efforts, the road to finding a cure could still be a long one. Create a better world for yourself right now and try DR-HO'S natural pain relief products, including the Pain Therapy System and the Mobility Joint Supplement.


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Download the Free Arthritis Pain Management Plan


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