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A Controversial Migraine Treatment Was Just Proven to Be Effective

August 04, 2016 in Migraines & Headaches


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Acupuncture remains controversial among Western medical doctors and scientists. But before you are quick to dismiss this ancient practice, make sure to look at the facts. Research published this June of 2016 found evidence of acupuncture’s effectiveness in cutting down the amount of episodic migraines patients experienced per month. The perception of acupuncture as mythical Chinese philosophy has often overshadowed its scientific value. However, scientific evidence has shown that acupuncture can:

-Stimulate nerves in the brain

-Stimulate nerves in the spinal cord

-Release feel good chemicals (opioids and serotonin)

-Control pain conditions (nausea, arthritis, post-surgery)



Clinical trials aimed to conclude whether or not this ancient Chinese practice could successfully reduce the frequency of episodic migraines, and the results were surprising. Updated studies found out several facts about acupuncture and migraines:

-Acupuncture reduced migraine frequency in patients significantly more than a prophylactic drug treatment directly after treatment

-Acupuncture reduced over 50% of the patients' migraines by half or more in frequency

-Acupuncture patients were less likely than patients treated by drugs to drop out of testing

-Acupuncture patients were less likely than patients treated by drugs to have negative side effects

-People who suffer from migraines six days per month could reduce the frequency of their migraines to three and a half days per month by receiving acupuncture




Always consult with your doctor or medical professional before trying out new treatments. If you suffer from episodic migraines and are interested in reducing the frequency or simply trying out a new treatment, acupuncture could be for you. One of the greatest benefits surrounding treatments such as acupuncture is its natural and drug-free approach. Dr. Michael Ho is a Doctor of Chiropractic and Acupuncture and knows the value of using natural treatments to treat patients with painful conditions relating to their muscles, joints, and nerves.

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